Crashing bugs

I seem to be getting a few more “state” crashes these days. Possibly since the ARC-upgrade, but it’s hard for me to be precise about that.

What seems to happen is that when I run a project, it won’t start with a “clean sheet”: some stuff will be distorted or appear in the wrong place (often, but not restricted to, text). It’ll then either crash or soon crash, or I can explicitly kill Codea (despite what I’ve read, this does actually seem to achieve something). After restarting, everything’s fine again.

Presumably you (@Simeon) can see the crash logs and analyse what’s going on.

Thanks Andrew

I’m looking at the logs. A few seem to come from low memory warnings. A lot seem to come from the Autocomplete builder. I’m attempting to fix this — I’ll put out a build soon (1.4.5) that has some changes in an attempt to lessen these crashes.

I’m seeing fairly frequent crashes when swapping back and forth between projects. Often these crashes are preceded by a severe slowdown in applications. It certainly seems like behavior you might expect of a memory leak.

I’m also still getting crashes or text/meshes not rendering. I presume that if there’s anything particular you (Simeon) need to know then you’ll ask.

I can’t say for sure that it’s related to the latest release, but the crashes are coming with disheartening, code-eating frequency.

One other thing I’ve noticed is issues with autocomplete. The list of offered terms has become inconsistent. For example, I created a class called Meeting. I type M, and it doesn’t appear. Me and it’s still not there. Mee and Meeting suddenly pops up. Meet and it vanishes again.

One other thing that seems to be new to this release – vanishing cursor. When I move to another line, as often as not the cursor becomes invisible.

Just installed 1.4.5(2) – for some reason, test flight didn’t notify me it was available. It seems to have solved at least the cursor and autocomplete issues. Thanks.

Sorry about those crashes, @Mark. 1.4.5 should fix the editor crashes, but the mesh and text ones are still there.

I’m not seeing the frequent crashes with 1.4.5(2), but I am seeing corruption of the text in the editor. Special characters (parens, etc) get replaced by numbers and text in general goes wonky. Just leaving the editor and returning seems to fix it for the short term.

That’s very odd, are you in iOS 5 or iOS 6?

iOS 6 has problems with the editor due to Apple’s changes to UITextView.


I’m still getting some crashes. It may just be memory space being overrun.

Did you get the corrupted text pre-1.4.5?

I got mangled text in output, but this s the first time I’ve noticed this issue in the editor.

Thanks @Mark, I made some changes in 1.4.5 to the editor’s text handling. That must be where the problem lies.

One other thing that seems related to crashing in 1.4.5(2) – the search feature. In particular, entering text for a search, then later bringing up the search and backspacing out that text, can bring on unexpected behavior and crash.

Thanks @Mark, I think I can track that one down.

I’ve finally found the disappearing sprite and text rendering issue. Just need to fix it.

I think I’ve fixed these issues in 1.4.5 (3) — Please let me know if this is one works better for you (especially the mangled text in the editor).

The project that I’m currently working on (Harmony) crashes Codea every time I exit the program with the close() function called from within the program. I’ll test some other programs in a bit.

This is with the latest beta: 1.4.5(3).

No crash if I triple tap and click the arrow. Crashes for close() in more than one project.

Thanks @Andrew, I forgot to test close().