Codea crashes while running a program using 3D

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There is either another bug, or maybe this is the real bug, which occurs when there is a long parameter list (using old parameter api) especially watches at the end of a list. When scrolling the watches bunch up, then either slowly redraw back to normal or crash the entire app. Not sure of exact circumstances, will post more info if I can.

A simple example that crashes the app when scrolling through watches list:

-- watches test

-- Use this function to perform your initial setup
function setup()
    print("Hello World!")

-- This function gets called once every frame
function draw() end

Hi @Steve,

Works ok on my pad - pad2 iOS 6.



The above program works on my iPad 1 iOS 5. I get a bunch of “function watch' is deprecated. Please use’ instead.” in the output window. Otherwise I can scroll the watch list up/down with no problems.

That’s strange. This happens almost every time for me (iPad 2 iOS 5.1.1). Does anyone else get the watches bunching up? (where the divider of the top of one watch is above the bottom divider for the watch above it). I found that pressing the restart button crashed Codea after scrolling down if Codea hadn’t already crashed. Also the crash happens more often with more watches, and does not matter whether they are the old or new ( version.

Also is there a way to change the discussion title? I at first wrongly thought these crashes were to do with NaN values and the 3D api.

.@steve you can modify the title: select your first post, then ‘edit’ on the top right of it.