Codea crashes opening project

I have a project such that Codea crashes upon attempts to open it. The iPad seems to think Codea is open, though it goes back to the desktop. Tabbing back to Codea, or touching the Codea icon, takes you back to the main project list screen.

A zipped and recreated copy of the project also has the behavior. Zip file available should you wish. Thanks!

@RonJeffries Have you tried making a copy of the project and then commenting out everything. Then start uncommenting functions until you find what’s causing the problem.

it’s very short, as you saw. maybe the prog got wiped somehow

note this is opening, not running. i’ll post it next time i’m near that computer. :slight_smile:

File is up at:

Not yet. I’ll have to do it offline, since even copies won’t open.

@RonJeffries The only time I’ve had Codea cancel was when I did something that used too much memory. Creating too big of strings, too big of tables, or doing something in Craft that used a lot of memory.

@RonJeffries Could you post the zip file someplace. I’d like to see if I can figure out what’s wrong. I don’t have anything better to do right now.

@RonJeffries When I look at that zip file, all I see is a plist file. There’s no code for Codea to execute.

@ronjeffries - found the same as @dave1707, when I unzipped the file just the plist with no actual data in it. When you share it with Codea it creates the Codea file in the documents folder but it is not visible in the Codea project list.

Just how did you build this file?

i exported it from the one that crashes codea on opening. whether the original has contents, i don’t know: it won’t open.

@RonJeffries When you export the zip file to the Files app, what is the file size. The file size should give you an idea of how big the program was. If I load your latest Space to my Files app, it’s 78KB in size.