Codea Community Public BETA! - Backup, restore, download and Share!

##Codea Community is in open beta!
Created by: Toffer, Ignatz and Briarfox

Codea Community (CC) is a way to version control, backup and share your projects with other Codea users. All you have to do is run CC and create a username and password. Then you simply add Codea Community as a dependency to any of your projects. After you run the project header info will be added to the main tab of your project. Add your project name and the version you would like to upload. Then run your project and press the Community button. Then turn on Backups and your project will backup!

Please read the Wiki for a more detailed explination of features.

###Install Codea Community
This is how backed up projects are shared on the forums! Simply long press the copy Codea Community icon and select copy. Then paste the code into a new project by long pressing Add New Project in codea and select paste.

View Code

###Please help us out!
Please help us make Codea Community the standard for shareing code! Your feedback is extreemly helpful. Let us know what you would like to see in CC!

@JakAttak Someone cloned him, I mean, the more Ignatzs there are, the more amazing inventions we will get, right?

This is great @briarfox

I am right Now in my iPhone
Only need to put the code in the setup function ? @briarfox

I need to spend some more time with the wiki but the basics are there. Glad you like it! When more people start using thier CC project link you can have CC running in Codea. Click run on the project, double tap home and open codea. The project will run :slight_smile:

Perfect thanks

@Briarfox Whenever I try to make an account, it says my username already exist, any suggestions?

I would like you to know that both Briarfox and toffer have put in many, many hours of hard effort over the past few months, to get this working. They both have jobs and families, so it hasn’t been easy for them.

As with all big projects, there may be some teething problems, but please give it your support because it will make a huge difference to the way we share code with each other.

Codea Legends! - well done chaps :slight_smile:

@Ignatz I wasn’t blaming them, I was just asking for help with a small problem. :wink:

@Prynok i see your created account. let me look into it and ill get back to you asap.
Anyone else with the issue?

@Brairfox Great, thank you!

Please try to delete these globals and try again with the first name and password you tried. It will still show the error but it should work.

--run once then delete.

@Briarfox, I entered my new login/password credentials - it then said ‘OK’ and launched a white screen with nothing in it. I then waited and pressed ‘Done’. It then echoed ‘Failed’ to the console continually.

Dont worry, happy to try it again if you have any suggestions. :slight_smile:

Scratch that last comment. I then ran it again and it looks ok now.

Might be worth checking this out though.

@Briarfox I feel so stupid now, all I had to do is reload the thing, sorry about that.

EDIT: Woah! This looks amazing! You guys diffidently need to make this the common way to share projects! :wink:

I’ll look into it.

Congratulations guys! This is an amazing tool

P.S. Is there any reason there are 5 Ignatz’s? :stuck_out_tongue:

@Briarfox sorry for all these messages, but what type of projects are you looking for on Cc? Demos, Tutorials or full games, Business apps?

EDIT: Also, is there a way to let others play my projects, but not see the code?

@Prynok Feel free to use CC for whatever you like!

There is no real way to hide the code and Run it at the same time. We can make it harder for a user to get the code, but it’s always possible because Codea needs to read the code in order to run the project.

@Briarfox I see, thanks for responding!