Codea Community Public BETA! - Backup, restore, download and Share!

I’m confused, on the wiki it says code sharing isn’t available yet, but there is a section on it for sharing projects. Can I share projects yet or not?

Woops, yes you can share!

Testing purposes. Still working on the login :slight_smile:

@Prynok share some projects!

@Briarfox Will do once I figure out how! Either codea communities button is gone for me, or I’m blind. Probably the latter.

@Prynok - sorry if my message about the work put in by Briarfox and toffer gave the impression it was in response to your previous comment. It wasn’t - I simply wanted to give credit - but the placement was unfortunate!

@Prynok do you have CC as a dependency?

@Ignatz Oh! Sorry about that, I usually have a bad habit if comments aren’t to a specific person, and they are right under mine, that I think they are talking to me.

@Briarfox I don’t know what you mean, I put the installer in an empty project named: “!Share”

Everything works fine, I can download, view, and play programs, but I can’t seem to share. And trust me, I’ve clicked everything. Even white space.

EDIT: Ohhh, since my project is set to stay in fullscreen, I didn’t see the community button, project shared! Thanks for the amazing project!

To share, open the project you want to share. Add “!Share” as a dependency.

@briarfox , @ignatz , really nice work , Now I have all my projects and the community, and I have shared many

thanks for making this possible friends, now is more comfortable interacting with other codes, great job congratulate =D>

@Prynok , you have trouble uploading your projects? In the community ?

It would appear that Codea Community Beta is a completely separate project to Codea Community Alpha in that when I ran the alpha then it didn’t offer to update to the beta.

So I cloned the alpha (to create a backup) and then ran it to download the beta. It didn’t do the download until I’d quit CC and rerun it. When it had downloaded the beta and installed it in the new project, then when I ran it it claimed that there was an update (even though I’d just downloaded it!), so I clicked on the “Update” button and it said it had done the update. But when I quit and restart, it still claims that there is an update. Only on the third time does it stop saying this (I’m not sure if it is the number of times or after a certain length of time).

@Luismi - thank toffer and Briarfox, not me!

@Andrew_Stacey I spend the same, I think that the problem is to put the name of the project and the version, if you want that your this project along with other, rather in one general you have to put all the same name (that of course already know you) my problem was that I not updated the project because you will never change the version (you have to edit the version to upgrade (, if want to put next to other projects) in general one …
Tell me if ur problem was fixed


@ignatz , Do but your name is up no?

@Luismi - I had the first amateur attempt at the web server, but toffer came along and he knows what he is doing, and he took over and has done a wizard job. So I have just been watching for a while. I am going to help with content now.

Great work guys! I have successfully managed to backup some of my projects.
Thanks for all your efforts to create such a useful tool.
I have a couple of questions…
I notice there is an alpha version of CC. Should we be updating to this version?
if the project i want to share has dedicated sprite assets, does CC take care of this?

Awesome work guys, backed up a project and it works out. One question though, if a project has a dependency on another project, will it copy the tabs of the project too or will it copy that it has a dependency on that project or none? Curious about the sprites too. Should I completely discard the way I backup projects, I mean will further updates remove all my backup or will they stay as they are?

@Briarfox, @toffer, @ignatz amazing work! @piinthesky sprite assets are not copied but dependencies are, depednding on how complex your sprites are you could make them in codea using the primitives?

Got one suggestion for you guys, I backed up some of my projects and almost all of them run in Fullscreen it’s quite irritating to triple tap all the time and see the print instead I added a alert statement along with every print statement related to backup. Helps a lot. Maybe it’s just because I did so many backups together.
Found a bug though, when you run a project which runs in Fullscreen in CC itself, i.e. The rocket button, the project initialises in STANDARD mode and then draws in FULLSCREEN so everything that was in the setup dependent on WIDTH and HEIGHT is altered.