Codea and Airpods

I’m new to Codea so apologies if this a duplicate bug report.

If I’m listening to music on my Airpods (Spotify or Apple Music) then stopping my program in Codea will cause the music to play on the built in speakers instead.

After the first time this happens any time I go back into Codea the music will play through the speakers until I leave Codea.

  • listen to music through Airpods
  • open Codea
  • open my project
  • run the the program
  • stop the program
  • music starts playing through speakers
  • go to home screen
  • music starts playing through AirPods

Fully quitting Codea fixes the problem until I run/stop my program again. This also happens with the included demo Codea projects.

I’ll give this a test. Thank you for the clear steps