Codea 3.7 (359)

AR Face works OK. I had to reload the Examples because of errors, but that was probably due to changes I made to the code to get it to work with the previous version.

Tried playing with the split screen. I got 2 version of Codea to run and I managed to get them side by side. Still playing with this to see how it’s really going to work.

Tried editing the same project in 2 different windows. The changes I made in the 1st window appeared in the 2nd window, but it took a few seconds.

Here’s my Mandelbrot program that I ran side by side.

@dave1707 - wow, that’s really impressive. How do you manage to get two versions of Codea to run concurrent in one window?

@Bri_G The easiest way I got 2 versions of Codea running was:

Start Codea.
Tap the 3 dots at the top of the screen.
Select Split View.
A popup will show asking to select another app.
Tap the Codea icon and a 2nd version will start.

I have the Codea app in the dock bar, so I don’t know how it works if it’s not there. Also, this needs the latest Codea version 3.7 (356).

@sim When I’m playing with split screen, Codea occasionally crashes. While I have one project running, I’ll close/open other projects. That’s when Codea crashes. I’ll send a crash report the next time it happens.

Sent a crash report.

love the new feature, been waiting on this one!

i tested opening the same tab in the same project, making a change in one screen and i did not see the change in the second screen, then i clicked play in screen one and both crashed

@skar It takes a few seconds for the change to show up in the second screen. Maybe it was confused because it didn’t update or was in the process of updating.

this time i waited and saw the changes after maybe 10 seconds, then clicked play and crashed

also ran a project in a solo window, click … and split view, click Codea app = crash

maybe relevant but im using a project with dependencies

@skar I guess they’re still working out the bugs, so crashes can be expected. The more info we provide, the faster the fix.

Very well! I just had an idea for a split-screen feature!

Thank you everyone for giving it a test! @dave1707 You are right that we still have a lot of bugs to work out (you have no idea how much code back from 2011 assumed you would only ever run one project at a time :sweat_smile:)

Editing the same project in multiple windows is a tricky one. Different projects should be okay at the moment (and editing dependencies). We will be adding options to run a project in a new window, so you can edit while you run. As well as options to open projects in new windows from the browser.

Using two windows, one for editing and one for running the same project sounds really interesting. I’m not sure if that if that is even possible, but could the project continue running without being restarted every time there is a change? E.g. with AirCode, every time you make a change, the project is stopped and restarted. For quick iterations, it would be extremely useful if the project just continues running and incorporates the changes to the code at runtime.

That’s our ideal place to get, to do the same code-injection as AirCode when a project is running in a new window.

At the moment, if you use a dependency, you can edit the dependency and hit the restart button in the running project window to make it run the latest code. The same should eventually be true of opening the same project twice in the editor, there are just some possible crash issues to tackle there first

@sim @John - just loaded latest beta with multiple window options. Tried flipping between windows and it crashed.

Bit of clarification please - is opening windows just an option for flipping between the editor and running project window ? Or is it a parallel Codea project window - if the latter - how many parallel projects can we run.

Neat window for loading project files when you initiate new window.

@Bri_G You can run the same project in both windows or run 2 different projects. If you have the same project in both windows, you can edit the project in one window while it runs in the second window. The changes you make won’t take affect until you restart the running project. I guess in the future they’ll try to make it so any changes takes affect without the restart. Maybe the 2 windows might work for debugging the code. Codea crashes sometimes, but that’s being worked on.

@dave1707 - thanks for the info, more or less what I thought. I bet it’s much better on the bigger screens.

i dont see how it could be possible to edit while running and see the changes, memory has to reallocate, classes are object-oriented as are tables, adding keys and values and lines of code would probably lead to memory collision where theres not enough memory to add new changes in between variables, you gotta shut down and run again so the compiler can define all the memory

@skar I didn’t mean that you can rewrite a bunch of code and a running program would be able to handle it. I think it would be more along the lines of changing the value of a variable, something that doesn’t alter the structure of the code.

you can do that with parameter

@skar That was just an example, I’m not sure exactly how much or what can be changed, but I’m sure it’s not the structure of a running program. Or maybe you can write a function and add a call to it or remove a function call. I’m just guessing. Maybe we won’t be able to change anything, we’ll just have to wait and see.

The long press for split screen works great. Not sure how the drag screen works for split screen, will play with it more.

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