Codea 3.3.3 (279)

@Simeon Heres something I ran across, disappearing and reappearing code.

Create a new project and insert the below line in setup.
Delete all the other code except the setup function.
Run the code then exit back to the editor
The tab xxx will eventually show and you’ll see the below line of code disappear and the code you deleted reappear.


Fwiw, I think I’ve also seen something like this occur a few times. I don’t think it’s an isolated issue.

Thanks for the clear reproduction steps. Will try to isolate

@dave1707 omg you might have just found out how to reproduce the bug that’s been reverting my files

@dave1707 i wonder if saving before running would still revert

@Simeon @skar Saving the code before running it doesn’t cause the problem. Doing the “Save and Run” option doesn’t cause the code to disappear, but the new tab won’t show up until you exit the project and go back in.

@UberGoober do you tend to use the saveProjectTab function when the reverts happen?

@Simeon @dave1707 - I noticed this before when I reported the problem with commented out text when writing with saveProjectTab(). First time run tab not visible until reload/rerun.

@dave1707 hmm your steps do not work for me (the code does not revert, but the “xxx” tab also does not appear). But it gives me an idea on how to correct the problem in the next build

The next build should address this, hopefully

@Simeon it’s hard to say for certain, but several of my projects write to tabs.

@UberGoober please keep me updated on your experiences once build 280 shows up