Codea 3.2 (215)

This latest beta adds support for pointers (mouse and trackpads)

  • Code editor interactions re-written
  • Pointer effects everywhere
  • iOS 13 only
  • New hover(x,y) function and POINTER touch type

@Simeon Downloaded the latest version. I guess there’s nothing I can test. I’m strictly a couch coder and I only use the built in keyboard. I bought an external keyboard for $3 just to try it and I totally hate it. It’s been a long time since I’ve sat at a desk and written anything.

@dave1707 the actual touch-based code editing is completely rewritten too!

For example, no more magnifying loupe (dragging the cursor behaves like any standard iOS 13 app). Same with the selection loupe. Scrolling and dragging behaviour also changed (hopefully for the better). If you notice anything buggy about it please let me know, otherwise I’m keen to release it to the store

@Simeon I think I mentioned this before, but for some reason the screen started scrolling towards the bottom of the code by itself. It was scrolling about 10 lines per second. I could scroll to the beginning of the code and after about a second it started scrolling towards the bottom. I don’t know what caused it and it stopped after I started messing with the screen.

@dave1707 This just happened in build 213? Thank you for the report this is exactly the kind of bugs I’m looking to fix

@Simeon The scrolling problem happened in the previous release. I’m trying to find where I first mentioned it, but I haven’t found it yet.

@dave1707 ah okay that’s good, because this release has the edge-scrolling behaviour entirely re-written. Hopefully that bug got squashed with this release

@Simeon I guess I didn’t understand your question completely. The scrolling problem first happened in the previous release 3.1 (208) and then just happened again in this release 3.2 (213) .

Oh I see, that’s interesting that it happened again. I’ll try reproduce. Thanks for the clarification

@Simeon I am finding the self scrolling of this new version a nightmare. Especially when I am selecting a section for copying. It’s worse in landscape mode. It must be down to sensitivity of the touch near the bottom of the editing window. The narrower editing window area in landscape means selection can easily control scrolling.

In general the feel of the editing window is faster and slicker than the previous version but the selection procedure needs attention. Would it be possible to introduce a select at start(double tap) and a select at end(another double tap - or other combination) as select and drag is frustrating.

Edit: another feature with this version is that, when pulling out an error bar from the right it can result in scrolling of the window.

Another thought on the selection system double tap to start followed by long press for end.

@Simeon, like @Bri_G i find it more awkward have to tap, then choose select, then drag to make a selection, Perhaps a long tap could go directly to the start of the selection?

@Bri_G excellent feedback, thank you. I’ll can tone-down the edge scrolling behaviour and fix the error bar behaviour

Tap to start and end is interesting, though I’m not sure I can think of a great way to do it for this version. You can drag in the line gutter to select multiple lines too

@Simeon - noticed another issue, on a couple of occasions I have had trouble placing the cursor at the end of a bracketed list. Trying to tap it in place moved the cursor to the front of the next line, trying to place the cursor after the final bracket and cursor move left moved the cursor to the end of the following lin. Even with a cursor just before the final bracket didn’t allow insertion of the cursor. I could place the cursor after the bracket and move it left to the end of the variable list but tapping on it to begin editing moved the cursor to the beginning of the next line.

Oh, by the way did you see the suggestion for double-tap and long press for area selection?

@piinthesky a long press should directly start a selection, it does for me. Long press on a word, the selection bubble will pop in, then drag up or down to continue it. You can also double tap to immediately select a word, triple tap to select a line (or single tap in the line gutter)

@Simeon, yes indeed that seems to be the case-good.

@Simeon - selection of text working well in 214 now, now a smooth editor. Am occasionally seeing the scrolling that @dave1707 mentioned earlier and am still seeing the placing the cursor at the end of brackets problem - but you can add further parameters by placing a comma and typing directly it appears it is the second tap that moves the cursor.

@Simeon - a little more info - I was used to being able to place the cursor at the end of a bracketed parameter list. You can do that by you need to be targeting the last parameter not the space between the last figure and the end bracket. I can get used to that. Tapping the cursor at the end of the parameters is usually needed when pasting additional data, by tapping the last parameter the cursor is now placed at the end and a second tap on the parameter allows pasting new data at the end. So it is workable but I think subtlety different to previous editing.

@Simeon - another point I noted which looks different. When I selected a parameter value in a vec3() the whole contents of the vec3() were selected ie all the x,y,z parameters. Is that as expected.

You seem to have taken all the ‘padding’ out of the code lines- so at the front and back of the line the cursor is placed where you’d expect - neat.

@Simeon - while editing code after a multiple condition if then the then was displaced so I started deleting the padding in front of it when I did some code disappeared and an error (normally in the parameter window) was pasted into the code. See attached image.

Edit: in addition to the error insertion I just found out it also deleted a tab with data in.

@Simeon I started a new project and I felt like I was fighting the editor most of the time. I couldn’t place the cursor where I wanted it. It seemed like the cursor was going either to the right or left. I had to keep tapping the screen to place the cursor close and then drag the cursor where I wanted it. I usually copy chunks of code, paste it someplace, and then modify the copied code. Trying to place the cursor exactly where I want it in the existing code is my problem.