Codea 3.0 ver. (108) & ver. (111) & ver. (116) & ver. (118)

Add bug reports here.

Did the project export to zip. File created OK and saved in Dropbox app. Tried to do an export from Dropbox app. It opened Codea project list then crashed Codea.

The microphone code seems to work OK. Not sure what to do with it yet.

@dave1707 thank you for the quick report!

The plan is to release this version as iPad-only as Codea 2.6. Then continue working on 3.0 while addressing bugs as 2.6.x

My ‘large’ 3D models work again-wonderful!

@Simeon Found a bug with microphone. If mic was started and the project is closed, the mic is still started when the project is opened and run. If mic was stopped and the project was closed, then mic is stopped when the project is opened and run. It appears mic isn’t initialized to stop when a project is opened.

@Simeon Just a note about mic.frequency. I have a metronome that has a setting to play a sound at 440. When I display the mic.frequency and set the metronome to 440, the text display shows 440 give or take a small fraction. So it’s good to know that the mic.frequency is right on.

Here’s a little program I threw together to demo the microphone.


function setup()

function draw()
    background(221, 209, 165, 255)

    for z=0,.3,.05 do
    for z=0,2200,200 do
    for z=p+2,#tab do
    if z>250 then

@Simeon I tried the zip import again today and it worked the first time. I tried it 2 more times and both times it crashed Codea. I tried it several more times and sometimes it worked and other times it crashed. The size of my zip file is 9.9MB.

@dave1707 that mic test code is awesome!

Will release another version of Codea 3.0 with some fixes to see if that crash still occurs

@Simeon Codea Version 111. The Add New Project works OK, the background doesn’t show the project list anymore. The duplicate project still has a slight problem. It doesn’t hang Codea anymore, but after you key in a new project name and press create, there is a slight delay as Codea shrinks the project icon into the project list. Also, after Codea opens up the new project, if you then close the project, the list stays at the original project list position instead of scrolling to the new project name. I don’t know if that matters if you’re going to use the Files menu or not.

@dave1707 yeah I kind of took a shortcut there when the project is not on screen. Does Add New Project always fail to show the background projects? I’m seeing them here (blurred out but they still show)

@Simeon Here’s an update on the project zip import. The import seems to work if Codea isn’t running at all but is started by the import. If Codea was running and was moved to the background to do the import, then the import doesn’t work.

@dave1707 oh good find, I’ll try that.

Edit: ah I see what you mean. Looks like if you’re not on the project browser screen it fails to show the import. I’ll fix that.

@Simeon Here’s what I see when I do the add new project. This is perfect because before the project list wasn’t darkened and it was hard to see the enter name area.

@Simeon Here’s another slight problem. When Codea is started from scratch, the project list page flickers several times before it displays the project list. If Codea is in the background and started, it doesn’t flicker.

@Simeon Here’s something else, I don’t know how long this has been happening. If you’re in a project and double tap on a word, a popup shows. One of the choices is find. If you tap find, a list of lines with that word shows, but after about a second, the list disappeares.

111 won’t open on my iPhone X iOS 12. @Simeon I saw earlier you said you planned to release this as iPad-only so maybe this is intentional? Any update on when the next build for iPhone is coming?

@JakAttak I forgot to mark 111 as Universal! Sorry, I’ll fix that in the next build (you’re not missing much over 108, just minor bug fixes)

@simeon can you provide an example of how to use a Shade shader within Codea.