Codea 3.0.1 (192)

@Simeon I didn’t realize that release 188 was going to expire in a few minutes. When you said the new project picker in 189 was broken, I thought it was something special that didn’t work. I didn’t think it was totally broken to the point that you can’t create any new projects. I’m now back on release 187.

PS. I guess new projects can be created by duplicating other projects and giving them new names. Going back to release 189.

PSS. Back on 189 and found out you can’t even duplicate a project. Going back to version 187.

I’m really sorry about the broken beta. It was New Years and the beta was expiring and I kind of put what I was in the middle of doing out as the new beta.

I’m fixing it up now, thanks for your patience on this

Me too!
@Simeon what new features are you prioritising in 2020?

@Simeon - afraid I’m also going back to 187, most of my active projects have issues in them so not easy to test unless I can create files. Can you load a template as a zip?

Also, would love to know what is in the pipeline.

@Simeon - aaaarggghhhh - only build I have in previous builds is 189. Am I missing something?

@Bri_G To load 187, go to the App Store and find the latest version of Codea there.

@dave1707 - oops, sorry too much Xmas boos

@dave1707 - thanks, but sure TestFlight had several previous betas listed before?

@Bri_G There we’re several betas before at one time, but as they expire (after 90 days) they’re removed from the list. I guess Simeon put 189 out before it was ready because the previous beta expired.

@dave1707 - thanks again for the info, must say I find that a bit disappointing. I would prefer a list of all previous betas with dates for launch and closure together with accessibility (active/non-active with links if relevant). If the developers comments were also added it would be a neat history reference.

Edit: I know the forum roadmap holds most of this information.

@Simeon - no probs, back on 187. Hope you had a good xmas and happy new year.

p.s. hope you guys well away from the fires!!!

Version 190.


Everything seems to work OK.

The Add New Project now works again. Same way with the template.

Created a Templates folder using the Files app and added a default project in it. Back in Codea, my default project was there to be selected. I was able to create a new project using my default project.

Nice! Probably need the possibility to cancel creating the project in the case one changes ones mind about doing so.

@piinthesky When creating a new project, pressing the X clears the name and tapping in an unused area of the screen cancels the new project. Is that what you’re after.

@Simeon - yahoo, thanks for the update, running 190 now. First impressions editor seems a bit slicker, last version seemed to ‘stutter’ when loading new or existing files.

Also template options is great. Just loaded one with second tab and dependencies present and they were retained. Makes my starting point more consistent, adds my usual functions and variables so makes starting new projects slicker.

@dave1707 ahh didn’t realise touching elsewhere closed the dialog box

Version 191

Rename works.
Moving a project to the Templates folder works.

No problems found so far.

PS. Just a note, the Templates folder doesn’t need to be created first. The Make Template option will create the folder if it doesn’t exist.

@dave1707 thank you for testing those things so quickly. I’ve submitted this version to Apple as the release version of 3.0.1

@Simeon - installed 192 and tested blendMode - not too familiar with this so just set up a basic simple project, image below. Bottom left (NORMAL) seemed OK and upper (multiplicative) one also looked probable - very dark. But bottom right (ADDITIVE) didn’t quite look right with overlap. Then again not sure what to expect.

Also they also seemed to interact with the background - multiplicative seems to show better if you change the background. Is that expected?

@Bri_G blendMode is not actually new (there’s an example project with it), blendEquation is the new function and it is a little complex but it actually modifies the operator used by the blendMode function

Multiplicative would generally make things darker and additive will make things lighter with the standard blendMode function.