Codea 2.7.3 (142) : crash when selecting "Shader Lab"

Happens every time

@juce any more details you can provide? iOS version, iPad model, etc?

I’m not seeing this crash here so I’ll need to try to emulate what you’re doing to see if I can make it happen

@juce - just tried this on my pad, loaded up Shader Lab, came up with the resources down left with the logo above. Loaded one of the filters from fx and worked fine.

What version are you running and on what gear. Have you tried re-installing Codea?

iPad Pro 10.5", iOS 10.3.3
I have not tried re-installing Codea…

@juce - hmmmmm, not seen that version yet, I’m on 2.7(139) but according to TestFlite I have only installed up to 2.6.3(138). Try the re-install.

@juce I have a feeling it might be an iOS 10.x compatibility that I didn’t catch

Yeah, if it works fine on iOS 11 and 12, then practically speaking it’s probably not really worth digging into it… i’ve been meaning to upgrade anyway :slight_smile:

@juce oh great, yeah I might leave it as Codea 3.0 will likely be iOS 11 minimum anyway

@Simeon When I run the Voxel Editor and try to change the size of the grid, Codea eventually crashes. I’m on 2.7.3 (142). I can slide the SizeX slider to a larger size, but when I slide one of the other sliders, Codea crashes.

@Simeon just for completeness of my report: if i choose “Shaders” project from “Examples”, and try to run it - it also immediately crashes Codea. (But, like you said, it is probably something to do with iOS 10)

@juce that’s not good. If you do update and it fixes the issue, please report back. I’ll see if I get a chance to look into it in the mean time.

@Simeon , updated my iOS to 12.1.3, and no loger seeing any issues with shaders. All works nicely.

@juce excellent. I might drop support for iOS 10.x if I can’t avoid bugs like this