Codea 2.6.2 (130)


  • You can opt-in to testing the new code editor in the settings pane, it’s a work in progress and is there for you to provide feedback on its future development


  • A new fix is in place to help improve stability in the code editor, please let me know if this is more stable for you
  • Returning from the create new project screen no longer jumps in the animation
  • Using noSmooth() and line() could lead to instability in the runtime, fixed


  • Codea now uses the system font and we’re changing the type design a bit
  • The status bar more elegantly transitions when opening and closing projects
  • The full screen reference UI has been polished up
  • The asset picker UI has been polished a bit


  • More support for Dynamic Type (i.e., custom text sizes)
  • The code editor font size can now be set much smaller and larger (11pt - 24pt, previously was 14pt - 20pt)

@Simeon - thanks for the update, interesting times ahead. What I was inferring was that there may be some incompatibility between OpenGL and iOS 12 since Apple have deprecated OpenGL in that issue.

@dave1707 - just panicing, since I lost the code in one of my files when Codea crashed I don’t want to expose them any more than necessary. I need to get better at program management. I’ll try your backup first. Thanks.

@Bri_G My backup/restore program does the backup OK, but the restore doesn’t work because the saveProjectTab command doesn’t work like it used to. Hopefully it will be fixed in an upcoming release. Also I had to change some things for saving the files because of Codea changes. The Codea save projects in a zip file doesn’t seem to work either for the restore. It crashed when I tried it last. Maybe that will be fixed also. Why are you moving your files. Installing different versions of Codea shouldn’t change anything that I’ve seen so far.

@Simeon - going to install 130 but would like to secure my current files. If I move them all to a folder in the Documents they shouldn’t be visible - would they be safe? Had trouble moving them to network storage - said it couldn’t find a helper? I think I’ll switch all assets to Dropbox in future rather than local.

Any other way to dtore them away? I ise File app or File Explorer pro.

@dave1707 backup sounds like it has problems.

@Simeon Tapping between the () of sprite() doesn’t bring up the sprite list. Probably the other things like that don’t work either.

@Simeon If something goes wrong in the editor, then it seems that the cursor shows in one place but keying goes someplace else.

@Simeon If there’s an error on a line of code, you can still execute the code but it doesn’t do anything. The old editor wouldn’t try to run the code.

@Simeon - managed to back up to iCloud. Installed 130, before opting in for new keyboard checked out with standard keyboard. Generally slicker, smoother. Font on the Assets etc a bit over the top. Could we adjust that like the editing font?

New keyboard - generally feels OK. Most of functions on the two buttoned Edit/Do don’t appear to work as yet. The tab headings seem a little pale. There is duplication in the buttons and the dependencies menu with new blank and new class.

That’s because of Codea changes. I fixed my version for the save part, but the restore won’t work until a change is made in Codea.

@dave1707 - ran your backup(not sure which version) and couldn’t find the backup on Dropbox. Added a saveText to Documents and it saved a file but it just contains the beginning header, name and end of file statement.

@dave1707 - ran your backup(not sure which version) and couldn’t find the backup on Dropbox. Added a saveText to Documents and it save a file but it just contains the beginning header, name and end of file statement.

@Simeon In the new editor, if you run the code with the keyboard showing, you can’t hide the keyboard to exit the running program. You have to run the program twice with the keyboard showing for this to happen. The way out is to select emoji’s then type close() in the “type a command” area.

@Simeon The new editor just crashed. It seems to happen just like the previous releases.

I put a print statement in draw() and ran the code. It printed. I stopped the code and removed the print statement. I ran the code again and it still printed the print statement even though it wasn’t in the code anymore.

I put the cursor at the end of the code and pressed return. It inserted a blank line at the beginning of the code.

@dave1707 the new editor crashed or the old editor crashed in the new version (it would be good to know, because the new editor is likely to crash for other reasons since it is so in-progress)

@Simeon The new editor in the new code crashed. I take it the things in Do and Edit also aren’t supported yet.

@dave1707 thanks for discovering the not saving thing happening with the print statements. I’m hoping to eventually move the editor onto UIDocument so that you can edit Codea projects that live anywhere on your iPad, this is related to that.

@dave1707 yes the menu generally doesn’t work (aside from Undo, Redo and Dependencies — which just shows the old dependencies view with layout issues).

Even the keyboard accessory keys won’t work in the new editor, I just figured I’d add a way to let you see what the direction is.