Codea 2.3.2 Beta

Hi everyone

Codea 2.3.2 beta is now available for testing. The focus is on iOS 9 improvements and fixes.

  • iOS 9 Spotlight support (your projects show up in search results)
  • Fixed Xcode export with Bitcode support, modernised project
  • Improved two-finger caret drag from keyboard
  • Removed iOS built-in keyboard assistant bar
  • Dropped support for iOS 7. Is anyone still using iOS 7?

Edit: Here are the release notes from all builds of 2.3.2:

Build 48

Hi Everyone

Sorry about the long delay! We're finally at a new version of Codea. This one is focused on iOS 9 improvements and compatibility (there are bigger changes in the works, but still in progress).

There are a number of important things to test in this update:

* Do your asset packs work as expected? Downloaded asset packs and Dropbox in particular
* Does Dropbox sync behave? (The library was updated)
* Xcode export has been completely revamped to be iOS 9 and App Store friendly
* The default keyboard assistant bar, the one with cut-copy-paste has been removed. When combined with Codea's input bar it makes the keyboard far to big
* Two-finger caret drag from the keyboard should be improved


* iOS Spotlight indexing for your projects. If you search in Spotlight your Codea projects will show up directly. You can tap them to edit. Let me know how you like this feature.
Build 49

* Fixes an issue causing crashes on iOS 8
* Re-enables iTunes File Sharing
Build 50

* Fixes incorrect initial camera orientation under iOS 9
Build 51

* Adds toggle for UIRequiresFullScreen flag in Xcode export
* Fixed matrix * vec4 bug
* Allows saveText() to delete assets when passing nil
* Fixes possible crashes when using bad parameters with camera()
* Updates to latest Box2D
* Updates to latest GLM
* Fixed bug in Cargo-Bot example (requires example project restore)
Build 52

* New zipped project export (long press project and choose "Export") (@yojimbo2000)
* Fixed keyboard layout bug when using supportedOrientations (@dave1707)
* Fixed editor resizing bug when rotating device
* Fixed matrix.rotate to use degrees as before
* Moved "Copy" option for projects into new export panel
* Adds Crashlytics framework
Build 53


* Speech library supports setting voices and language (speech.voices, speech.language)
* Mesh buffers can contain matrices (experimental / untested) [@yojimbo2000: see issue ticket]


* Project opening from Spotlight can use "Project" assets [@SkyTheCoder]
* Fixed keyboard layout bug when using supportedOrientations [@dave1707]
* Code editor optimizations (attempt for more responsiveness) [@dave1707]
Build 54


* Improved error reporting, now shows TabName:Line + stacktrace


* Attempts to fix use of mat4 attributes in shaders
Build 55


* Fixes weird font issues in code editor
* Fixes uniform mat4 arrays [@yojimbo2000]
* Fixes issue where project loading could cause crash [@LoopSpace]
Build 56


* Adds support for OpenGL ES 3.0 where available
Build 58 (57 was skipped)


* Instanced meshes can be rendered on devices supporting OpenGL ES 3.0
* This includes anything with an A7 processor or higher
* Allows efficient rendering of large amounts of geometry 
* See the beta thread for a simple example
Build 59


* Moves Codea forum to Safari View Controller on iOS 9
* Fixes Project assets not being copied during Xcode export

@Simeon, camera still having problems

@erickyamato can you describe the problems? Is this in the issue tracker?

@Simeon, camera still upside down

@erickyamato ah thanks, will fix

You’re welcome @Simeon!

@Simeon, this beta version includes .assets?

Yes, all assetpack related names and extensions have been renamed to assets. Codea should migrate any downloaded packs you have.

I’ll test this!

Closed the other discussion so as to keep it all in one thread

@dave1707 reported that the Cut/Copy/Paste options have disappeared from the text menu popup.

@Simeon Sometimes the popup shows, sometimes they don’t. That’s like in the previous release where sometimes they would show, then they didn’t. When they didn’t, the cut, copy, paste icons in the keyboard could be used.

@Simeon Typing print and then pressing the key () or "" or = real fast doesn’t show those keys. You have to type print, then wait about a second, then press one of those keys for them to show. That’s been driving me crazy since the last Codea update.

@Simeon The spotlight search works fine, but I’m not sure what you mean by “improved caret drag”, since it functions like other apps I’ve used. It works fine, though. Also, the iOS 9 keyboard shortcuts don’t show up.

@Saturn031000 do you mean the extra bar on top of the keyboard? I removed that intentionally

@Simeon I can’t open any of my projects, Codea crashes when I tap on any of them.

@SkyTheCoder I’ll see if the crash logs are showing up on TestFlight. Are you on iOS 8 or 9?

@Simeon iOS 8.4.1. Also, I have ~70 MB of data free, so it’s not an issue of storage.

@SkyTheCoder I think it might be an iOS 9 API getting called where it shouldn’t. I’ll try to have a new release out shortly with a fix.

Edit: Found the bug and should have a fix uploaded with build 49.

@Simeon yeah, I meant that. It makes sense that it was removed intentionally

@Simeon, camera still upside down