Codea 1.5 dark theme is free...

I assume you didn’t change this back from the beta version so beta testers can test it, but the dark theme is free. You don’t need to pay for it. Along with that, so are the backgrounds. You might want to fix this. Thanks for v1.5!

It’s intentional, @Zoyt. We really appreciate everyone who supported us by buying those add-ons, but it’s been a very long time (over a year?) since they were initially available, so we thought it was time to make them free for everyone in 1.5.

@Simeon - Great! Thanks.

@Simeon True. Dark Theme is too cool to be paid.

I would for sure pay for a sepia and custom theme where you can choose colors.

@Zoyt makes a good point, and correct me if I’m wrong but you guys are doing brilliant work, but compliments are good and all but they don’t put you through uni or put food on the plate so maybe @Simeon you should think about adding some new in-app purchases for some optionals, I mean the in-app Xcode exporter looks brilliant and I would have happily paid a couple quid for it, more even, because its a tool that you don’t need from the start anyway, I haven’t even started using the runtime properly yet but this feature absolutely smashes it, along with all your other work, and I can’t speak for everyone but I’m sure most would chip in a couple quid to get you and john a few pints or maybe a lot more! Keep up the work.

Yeah if there were in app addons I’d gladly buy them. Heck if you tossed up a donate link I’d pitch in. I got Codea on sale after seeing it on appadvice. I’ve spent more hours in this app then any other, including netflix :slight_smile:

I’d drop a few bucks on a universal version, even if on the iphone it was TEENSY. You don’t gotta do a durn thing but flip the universal bit. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone! We’re releasing a new game this Friday, April 19. (It’s Crabitron, not made with Codea though, because we started its development long before Codea.)

So if you’d like to support us, please take a look at that project when it’s announced. I’ll post a link on the forums.

Codea’s in app purchases seemed to upset some people in the past. While we really appreciated that people wanted to support us, we removed them because they caused complaints.

Most people who complained were usually very understanding when we explained why they existed, but on the whole they seemed to give some people a bad impression.

@Bortels flpping that bit is an interesting experiment in unusable interfaces :slight_smile:

I look forward to seeing your game, Crabitron :smiley:

Hi @Simeon. About flipping the bit to have it on ipod4: i would enjoy a lot to run my codea apps developped on the ipad, i would manage the button size myself. I dont want to code on the ipod, just to run the app. You could make just a runtime. Dont make codea universal, make a second app, just a runtime, (no edit , no doc), sell it 4$

You’ve got an interface that would work great on an iPhone with the disappearing navbar. I understand why you don’t have IAPs anymore, which is good for me, but an iPhone version would be great.

@Simeon Whatever happened to Codea Play? Last i heard (which i think was about a year ago) it was nearly complete, and yet no sign of it?

Same here… I was looking forward to it.

I believe @Simeon mentioned that finding material to bundle with Play was harder than originally expected. iPhone games may scale up to the iPad, but going the other way is more difficult.