Codea 1.3 Approved

That was faster than I was expecting! Be sure to get it and let us know what you think.

Yah! This is a huge jump. The text functions alone really blow the doors off the previous versions, and that’s without diving into mesh and physics.

Much faster than i have expected too. Great work all of you who worked hard to get this one out. Not alone coding, making something wonderful for coding which passes Apple’s barriers this quick is not a small feat.

Great update. Just had my personal enhancement of LUA Jump running, now I See some recoding with much more possibilities regarding strings and Sounds and and … But I have to reload my Sprite Pack … Again, Great work!

Awesome. I’ve been champing at the bit for this, even though it’ll mean rewriting (and deleting) loads of my code to take advantage of the new features.

Grats on the release TLL! Bravo!

What a relief. I’ve been itching to share. :slight_smile:

Word to all: mesh(). The Text stuff is awesome, well done, and useful, and the physics opens up a world of possibilities - either alone would have made 1.3 worthwhile. But in terms of RAW POWER - mesh(). Seriously. We are going to be using it for things a month or two from now we didn’t even realize existed. The mesh() is hard to wrap your brain around - it took me days to even understand what it was good for, and we’re just scratching the surface.

Grats too on the guys who now have code in Examples - you are now immortalized in code. :slight_smile:

Aagh. I hadn’t gotten round to passing on my promo codes! I figured it would be ages before Apple approved this (and I’m still recovering from an unexpexted night in an airport!). Ah, well. I’ll remember to be quicker next time.

@Nat let us know what you think of the new autocomplete stuff. The autocomplete has been made to respond to user-defined identifiers (self.* and classnames). But we can now expand it further – though probably nothing that relies on Lua’s scoping rules.

^:)^ - Thank you TLL! Absolutely ANAZING! Can’t say much more!

So far, I’m liking what I see, except it seems to me that editing has gotten worse. Indenting and outdenting (?) seem to go too far when editing existing code. This is using a bluetooth keyboard as I haven’t tried it with the onscreen keyboard yet. And hitting the Enter key still sometimes creates 2 blank lines instead of one.

Amazing update! I Love the text rendering, font picker, physics (oh yeah thats the best of all), New autocomplete, New examples.
I’ll Play around with the physics tomorrow, i already looked at the examples. Looks so amazing!! Thank you so much TLL!! =D>

Also, it appears that displayMode() has changed somewhat, along with the 3-fingered panic switch. I did find that the very lower left corner has a hidden quit button, though. Or am I missing something???


@jlslate I can’t activate a hidden quit button in the lower left. Editing should be the same as 1.2.7 with regards to indenting.

Jim, the buttons are there, but depending on the background color, they can be hard to see.

Hurray for Codea 1.3!

nice job! on Australia day even, to make it more special

yay 4 viddiy (google translate: Much appreciation for the ability to record videos of running programs)

Haha @ipda41001. Does Google Transulate have Tenager language to English? I need one. My older sister talks gibberish (to me atleast. Her freinds understand).

Does Google Translate have a @Zoyt to English option? I need one after that post :stuck_out_tongue:

@Dylan - Haha. Your right. But im typing on an iPhone in portrait… Whit auto correct… Haha. Tenager? Fail.