Clumsy Boxing

Performance - fine

UI-… Well the fact that it’s a page controller is slightly confusing at first

Music is good, but the sound effects are slightly annoying

The idea is great.

Arm-mageddon is fun when the hand you are controlling detaches, but if it’s the other arm it’s not as fun.

@Saturn031000, thanks for the feedback!

Re: UI, any thoughts how to make it less confusing?

Re: Sound effects, you can turn those off in the settings i figured people would get tired of them eventually :stuck_out_tongue:

Re: Arm-mageddon, it’s always your right arm, though i suppose its possible to make it first check if only one of the arms is active and if not default to right. Would that be better?

I edited it a little bit to emphasize when the bug occurs and is game-breaking.

Is this not happening to anyone else?

Edit: suggestion: make the speed of arms that were detached in arm-mageddon slightly slower, no matter how careful I try they just go flying off in the direction I aim.

@SkyTheCoder, thanks for that video. What it’s looking like to me is that you are starting the touches on the arm-pop button, which blocks the joystick from coming up. This is technically the intended behavior, though I can see how it might cause issues.

Unless, that is, this also happens to you in normal mode?

@JakAttak — I don’t suppose you could make impossible mode less, well, impossible?

@Saturn031000, impossible mode is half a joke, it was a mistake I made when I first started programming the AI which resulted in some funny results so I kept it. It’s the hard AI moving at 4 times the speed. However, if you are fully upgraded, it is possible to challenge him.

@JakAttak I don’t think it’s because of the arm-pop button. At 0:07 you can see the touch starts further away from the button (screenshot, freeze-framed as the touch starts) Also, then why wouldn’t the rematch button work?

@SkyTheCoder, my bad. I did make a couple of changes to touches in newer builds, any luck? I will keep trying to reproduce, this is on an iPad Air correct?

@JakAttak It was recorded on an iPad Air 1, iOS 8.0.0, app version 1.0.0 build 3, hard difficulty in arm-mageddon mode.

@JakAttak - Nice trailer! What’d you use to make it, out of curiosity?

@Simeon - This is a game that the ability to have sockets would be really nice to have for. I’d be willing to help @JakAttak out with them if Codea supported them.

@Zoyt, thanks, I made it with Replay

@JakAttak - Ah, nice. Did you get my iMessage?

@SkyTheCoder, I’ve made another small change which I’m hoping helps in Build 4. if you wouldn’t mind, could you do a clean install of this build? (delete the existing one first, then reinstall the new one)

@JakAttak have had a chance to have a go at Clumsy Boxing. Here are my thoughts/bugs/suggestions:

1.I really like the concept and it’s well executed
2. The tokens don’t seem to update at this stage
3. It took me a while to “get” the controls. I like the idea of training but am not rely sure how relevant the existing ball hitting one is.
4. I find it pretty difficult to meaningfully control my boxer. Winning games feels like a matter of luck rather than skill. This is frustrating and would put me off returning to the game after a couple of rounds. Maybe reducing the sensitivity/adding a friction component/adding inertia would help
5. I would get rid of the impossible mode - seems pointless to me if it can’t be beaten
6. Contrary to an earlier comment, I liked the fact your opponent got a win message which has been removed in the latest version.
7. There’s no real sense of progression - what is the long term goal? It’s a fun pick up and play a couple of matches, but doesn’t really tie in with a storyline or career through the game. What is the incentive for a player returning to the game?
8. I don’t really get the Armageddon mode

@West, thanks for all that feedback!

  1. Nice catch! Fixed it for the next build. The store simply wasnt pulling the latest amount, though killing and reopening the app showed the correct amount.

  2. There is definitely a curve, the current training mode is designed to help you improve precision movement. I’m open to other thoughts on it.

  3. See 3, though if it isnt working i can try making the controls a little easier

  4. I mentioned it above, but if you are fully upgraded it should be possible to beat

  5. Interesting. I can put it back in, those who don’t like it dont have to read it I suppose

  6. I’m not sure what sense of progression there could be, other than getting your guy maxed out, but its really just intended to be something you pick up on the bus to work, or while youre waiting in line somwhere. Just a fun way to pass short time.

  7. Theres no real point to it, I thought it might be fun, it’s just a normal game but you can detach your arm, which leads to some fun results.

To all: I’ve updated the trailer with some new, smoother, gameplay, and I’ve been working on a site for the game (not much there yet). Thoughts on either would be appreciated, see them here: Clumsy Boxing Site

I sent a request, I hope to be able to test it!

@JakAttak Looks great. If your looking for better progression I think that adding meaningful graphics that go along with upgrades would add a sense of reward for getting that upgrade and encourage you to play till the next one. For example if the upgrade made you move faster, the boxer could trail faint lighting that gets more vivid with each upgrade. Just a thought

Im interested in beta testing but I don’t know what info of mine you need.

@Goatboy76, interesting idea. To sign up, you need a testflight account, and then you can sign up here:

I sent out build 5, which includes a couple of fixes to things @West mentioned, adds a couple of new testers, fixes some Game Center stuff.

I’ve also submitted the rest of the achievements I had planned so there is now a total of 10 achievements (some of them require the new build to work properly).