Close and Edit buttons are washed out on launch

The Close and Edit button on the top left of the screen are washed out when Codea relaunches to an already open project.


  1. Create/Open a project (notice the the nicely colored buttons on the top left)
  2. Force Quit Codea (or otherwise go do something else on your iPad such that iOS terminates Codea)
  3. Re-open Codea
    → Codea helpfully reopens the last project you were working on. However, the close and edit buttons are very washed out.

I’d attach a screen recording duplicating the problem, but apparently “new” users aren’t allowed to add attachments.

this seems like a very old bug, you should jump into the beta

Apologies, I should have specified by build. Codea 3.11 (469)

Also, the only link to a beta I could find (from the Beta thread) is full:

This beta is full.

I’ve expanded the number of beta slots here:

(Let me know if you still can’t get in)

However I have seen this issue (though for me it only occurs in the “Light” theme) and we have logged it on our board here:

I have also upgraded your account from “new user” to “regular”, hopefully this fixes your attachment issue

Correct. I am running the Light theme.

I have joined the beta program. Thanks.

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