CargoBot demo doesn’t work

I’m new to Codea, trying to learn how to structure a big project, and thought CargoBot looked exactly like a perfect example.

However the demo fails to Run, see attachment.

Actually a number of examples have problems: anagrams, brick out, physics lab, learn craft, and some of the other craft projects have internal issues

@skar There was a change to the Lua version used by Codea. The command unpack and others were changed. The examples weren’t updated and should be done by the developers. @Simeon The examples need to be updated.

@skar @dave1707 thanks for discovering this, I’m on it

@skar Once the examples are updated, at the Codea project page, there’s a gear icon at the top right of the page. Tap that and scroll down. Near the bottom is a Restore all Examples link. Press that to update the examples. There might be a notice here when the examples are updated. If not, you can restore them at any time to see if they’ve been updated.

@skar I’ve submitted an updated version with fixed examples, they should update automatically once you install it. But if not, please follow the instructions from @dave1707

Wow thanks for the prompt action!

I tried the restore option but the same issues persist, perhaps I need to wait for the update from the App Store?

@skar You’ll have to wait for the next update. As soon as Apple approves it, it will show up. Shouldn’t be long, maybe today or tomorrow.

@dave1707 Awesome, thank you!

@skar update is out now

@skar Downloaded the new code and tried some of the affected demos. They worked fine.

@Simeon @dave1707 great work, you’re efforts are much appreciated!

@Simeon unfortunately it looks like brick out is still having problems because table.maxn has been removed

@skar oh I missed that one — for now you can replace table.maxn(blocks) with #blocks

@Simeon Can you put the Examples and Craft examples in alpha order when you get a chance. Not that important.