I want to introduce you all to Cargo-Bot. It’s the first game programmed with Codea to be released on the App Store.

Full website

Free on the iTunes App Store

Cargo-Bot is a collaboration between Rui Viana (you’ll know him as @ruilov on the forums), Fred Bogg (@Fred, who created the ABC Music Player) and me. It was borne out of Rui’s Roboarm prototype:

It’s been a few months since we started working on it, and now it’s finally finished. It’s set to be released for free on Tuesday April 24.

In addition, we will soon have the Codea runtime source code uploaded to github. This will allow any registered iOS developer to turn their Codea project into a native iOS App. The same project used to build Cargo-Bot.

Let me know what you think.

It’s a terrific game. I’ve handed it to my “programming is boring” son and gotten him involved in finding solutions. It’s like a gateway drug for coding!

And darn it, I’m still only getting two stars on level 4. There has to be a way…

Congrats on getting this out there, @Simeon. A big step for Codea.

And congrats to @ruilov and @Fred! Great work, guys.

Congrats! Very cool.

Will the code be available anywhere for us to marvel at and learn from?

Fantastic work, guys! Cargo Bot is super polished and fiendishly tricky :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for the grand open sourcing!

Ha! I just read about this on 9 to 5 Mac!

Congratulations @ruilov and @Fred and of course to the whole TTL team!

The app is great guys! Very tricky and looks very professional - shows what can be done with Codea! A real inspiration to us newbs. Will be very interested to see the source code.

What Mark said.

(Only the one I’m stuck on is a bit higher up than level 4 …)

Hi All,

Very impressed guys, this is inspiring. I had no idea that it would be feasible to compile Codea code into iOS code and get it into the iTunes system. Keep up the good work.

Question - do we have to be registered with Apple, as developers, to get free apps into the system?

Or are we forced to pay the annual registration fee?

Waiting for your next package.



YAY! Love it! Looking forward to the open source!

I’ll share the code at some point - it’s a lot of tabs so have to figure out a good way. In the meantime, Andrew Stacey had mentioned this to me and I just checked that it works, if you take a look inside the directory tree of Cargo-Bot, it will be under

Warning: stay away from Solutions.lua. It’s a dangerous virus that will format every hard drive disk within a 50 foot radius.

Haha. @ruilov - That’s funny. I just was about to check to see if that was the case. Will we have to use LuaDeck to see the code, or do you know if it will be destroyed to an unreadable state like with most Lua code files in the app store?

WOW! It’s awesome! Impressive! Congratulations Two Lives Left! And to @ruilov and @andrew_stacey too! You guys rock! :slight_smile:

Cool!! That awesome!

Article up at Engadget.

That’s super exciting - and congratulations guys!

(And I’m hanging out for the runtime…)

Just got my new iPad and Codea was the first thing I installed.
CargoBot looks amazing and I’m totally inspired. Just got to get a Bluetooth keyboard now as the onscreen editor is “Kettling ma swede” :slight_smile:

I just got the New iPad and Codea looks amazing, but Cargo-Bot is still downloading. Looking forward to BattleChips on the AppStore.

Congratulations to the Codea team!

Cargo-Bot is now the top free iPad app in the Polish store! (And Codea jumped quite a few places up, too.)

Massive congrats @ruilov, @Fred and @Simeon. Really fun game and a huge accomplishment in so many ways!

I just tried it and it looks great. Any chance of translating it to French (so that my son can play)? I can definitely give a hand.