cannot reload official Codea after Testflight version expired?

Hmmm, this morning the Testflight version of Codea expired and no longer works. When i try to download the ‘official’ version from the App store the little loading circle just goes around and around, but nothing ever happens! So i am stuck without Codea! Any ideas anyone @Simeon ?

@piinthesky I can put up a new beta, but the code is so far branched from what you have right now, would you be willing to try it?

tried ‘stop testing’ in Testflight but that did not help. i guess if i delete Codea i would lose all my projects. Perhaps if @simeon @john released a new testflight version i could get back to a working configuation? i think i am really screwed, help!!

@piinthesky I got the same message with my TestFlight version just now. I went to the App Store, went to Purchased, found Codea and tapped the cloud and down arrow icon and it loaded Codea. I still have all my projects. This is the second time that a TestFlight version has expired for me and I did the same thing last time. Have you tried power cycling your device to see if that works. Can you download anything else from the App Store.

ahhh, perhaps there is a problem with the app store (france), i can’t load a new app either! i’ll wait until tomorrow before doing anything drastic! thanks @dave1707

panic over…i was able to redownload Codea half an hour ago. Must have been a long glitch in the matrix!

@simeon in the official version the text search is really screwed up, the old testflight version seemed better. You should release a new testflight or update the official version to the latest beta.

@piinthesky Do you remember all the updates that were in the beta version. Just wondering what is missing now that I’m back on a regular version. The list of updates used to be in TestFlight, but since the beta expired, so did the list.

we lost the 98 and 99 updates, see the beta category threads.

@piinthesky Thanks, I totally forgot about the beta thread.

@piinthesky I’ve submitted 2.5.2 (99) for review. Thanks for prompting me on this, it was doing no good sitting there in beta while we worked on larger features.

@simeon great, thanks a lot-the text search bug is quite annoying!

I would be very happy to test a new beta if you think it is in a state that feedback could be useful. I expect the other beta testers would be enthusiastic as well. (would that include the iphone version?)

The taster video on twitter looks really nice, bravo! We all really appreciate your and John’s hardwork. So if there is any way that we can help just let us know.

@piinthesky new version approved over night and should be on the store. That was fast!

I’ll start the beta process for the next version. That includes iPhone at the moment but on iPhone (and iPad split screen) many bits are broken.

@Simon any openings for additional testers?

You’re right about updating the App Store version to fix the text search bug. I guess I’ve avoided that in favour of working on a larger update. I’ll look at pushing that beta build live.

@romspy sure, dm me your email and I’ll add you to TestFlight

I’m still unable to restore Codea after the beta expired. I’m extremely reluctant to delete and re-install due to the vast amount of code I have on my device, so I’ve been trying to install over the top but it hasn’t let me do so.

Possible contributing factors: I’m on iOS10 on this device, and I’m trying to download Codea from a different region as I originally bought Codea in a different country.

Is there a timeline for the next beta? If it’s far off, any chance of an old beta so that I can get my code off my device?

My backup plan is to buy another copy of Codea from the correct app store for my current region and see if that works …

@LoopSpace If you’ve been downloading Codea as it’s been being updated, then it seems your latest version on the App Store should be OK. Or have you relocated since the last Codea update before the latest beta.

@dave1707 I’m not totally sure, but I think that the last time I downloaded an official version of Codea then I was in my current country. That’s because there was a long period before the series of betas with Craft, and I was in my current location then. But as I bought Codea elsewhere then I’ve always had to switch to the apple account registered with that app store. If I go to the store for my current country then it doesn’t know that I already own Codea and wants me to buy it again.

@LoopSpace I don’t know why or for what reason, but I was able to switch app stores one time to download or to look at an app. I don’t know what country the App Store was at or how I was able to switch to it. Maybe you could switch to your original App Store. I didn’t pay much attention to what I was doing, so I can’t give more info.

I did a google search and found this.

This can be done from the Settings on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:
Open Settings, and go to “iTunes & App Stores”
Tap on the Apple ID and enter the associated password.
Choose “Country/Region” and select the new country to associate the account with.