Can i creat non-game app?

Hello everyone. I want buy this cool app and don’t found any information can i build apps for business. I mean somethink like online magazine app/or delivery food.
About Pythonista same situation. Can’t find any information can i build a app

You don’t have to create a game app. There’s a lot of things you can code with Codea.

It’s true that people create all sorts of things with Codea.

and don’t found any information can i build apps for business.

Use the forum search box in the top right corner. If you search “business app” in the forum search, you’ll find some. eg

created by @Mark

I would say that the focus of Codea is on graphics intensive applications though, such as games. Codea’s connections with the broader range of iOS services is not that extensive. So if you need to, for example, access iOS contacts, keychain passwords, bluetooth, the camera reel (in-app, rather than in the editor), iOS reminders, and so on, then look at Pythonista.

@yojimbo2000 @dave1707 I just need ur advice guys. Because somepeople says that “yes,u can do everything with Codea”. Some people say that “no,no. Codea its for gaming and pleasure. Better for business app use Pythonista”

So i just want to create simple apps like “job finders,meal recipes apps,cinema apps” i mean 80% apps will about information,and little bit clickable links.and the end will send to app store. I like Codea that u can text and see result.what about Pythonista?

I would say “No”, Codea is not for form based apps. It doesn’t have built in UI controls (although people have built some nice ones to fill the gap), and it expects you to redraw the screen 60 times a second.

It also doesn’t have a lot of connectivity with the Internet, peer to peer, etc.

Essentially, Codea is a movie maker and animation program. It is designed primarily for gaming, not business. You can write business apps, but you will probably end up doing a lot more work than if you used a more suitable app.

Yes, what you’ve described would be perfectly possible in either Codea or Pythonista. You’re talking about parsing information from a web API for movie times, recipes or whatever. So it’d be a matter of reading the docs for the APIs you want to target and then writing some requests using http.request.

I would say: totally yes! You can create business (non-game) apps with Codea, but as @Ignatz said, you may end up writing more overhead code. I recently noticed that I’m more convinced coding tools than actually games - so I do.

As long as you don’t need any specific features like iCloud, Photos, IAP - you should be good to go.

In @yojimbo2000’s soda you can see an example footprint an calculator - Why not magazines?

I created the first version of my board game companion app using Codea - whilst not strictly a “business” app, it wasn’t a game either.

That said - @Ignatz is correct in that I had to re-create my own basic UI system which I would have got for free using other SDK’s.

Unless your dev environment has hooks in it to actually call the OS UIKit functions then you’ll always need to use your own UI (or use a library that someone else has already written).

In my case - once I’d written the UI library once I could use it in lot’s of other projects using the dependency feature, have a search in the forum for SODA as it’s pretty much the most feature complete UI for Codea out there at the moment.

My current workflow is to use Codea as a prototyping tool and when the code is complete I export it and then edit / include it into my actual project (obviously rendering is an issue but if you’re careful then you can translate the code pretty easily)

So guys I have no found any interesting information about it.In everywhere ugly games projects by codea or Pythonista.The only one game is Cargo which made by codea.other games really ugly.i think codea it’s not for beginners this is for children’s.i have no found anything middle.I don’t ask u to make something like instagram,facebook,or periscope)I just need simple apps like web style recipes,movie times…But i more inclined to side of Pythonista.And there i have no found anything what I looking for but people says “Pythonista”!

Well, if you think everything made with Codea is ugly, I think you haven’t looked hard enough. Sure, there are lots of beginner projects, but there are also some beautiful projects. It’s up to the individual to make it beautiful.

@atielvin Codea is for everyone! (Not for children only.) It depends on how experienced you are in programming and how good of an artist you are. If you suck at neither the one nor the other, then you will basically suck completely and no other framework will help you…

@atielvin, i’m just curious… what sort of response you expect exactly, after you insulted everyone’s work here?

Like @se24vad said, Codea is not just for children. It is actually quite powerful and expressive to be attractive to people with all kinds of programming experience.

For the type of application you describe, however, Codea is not the best tool. If you want standard forms, lists and buttons and full access to iOS API, it’s easier to just use Xcode and write your app in Swift.

@juce @Ignatz I don’t think @atielvin is saying all the code is ugly. There might be a translation error because his IP puts him in Azerbaijan. At least I hope it’s a translation error.

@dave1707 No bro. I am not using translation.I mean all the games/apps that i saw made by codea is ugly.Show me one app/game which is maybe amazing but something middle)?

@juce I don’t have mac;( i need just make simple apps on my ipad. So i found one app “smart basic” i think that one much better for me. Now i am deciding between Pythonista or smart basic. I like Codea as app. I think codea its more easy to learn for beginner but all u telling me that codea more for games

@atielvin Did I at least get Azerbaijan right. Not everyone using this forum are professional programmers or will spend months writing code just to show it here. I’m not saying that Codea can’t be used to write good code, but it would take a lot of time and effort by one person to do it. Cargo-Bot is an example of what can be done, but how many people were involved and how long did it take. The majority of what you see on this forum are simple examples just to help people learn. Your original question was if Codea could be used to do what you want. I think the Codea app is capable of doing what you want within reason, the next question is, do you have the experience and knowledge to do what you want.

@dave1707 Yes u r right i am from Azerbaijan.Of course it’s good app for programming on ipad and i say again i like this app more than other ones but the problem for that is it possible here make apps what i want? And same question is for u if i have knowledge to do what i want -Codea have capacity to make apps what i am talking about? Or its just for gaming?

@atielvin Without knowing exactly what you’re trying to do, I can’t say if Codea can do everything you want. When you say online magazine app/or delivery food, that doesn’t tell me anything because I don’t know what’s involved with doing either of them. The only help I can give you is to write some pseudo code as to what you might want to do with them and look at the Codea/Lua reference and see if it has the commands/functions that will allow you to do everything you want. If Codea has all the functions, then the only limitation would be you’re experience. If you ask me if you can buy a car to drive in a race, I might say yes. But then I would have to know, are you old enough to drive, do you have enough money, and what kind of a race is it going to be. The type of race will determine the type of car you need and how much it would cost.

I still say that if you are building a forms based app, then you want an app with built in UI and good connectivity options and maybe database functionality. Codea doesn’t have those.