Build Codea file in Xcode on iPad Pro

I have build a Codea project in Xcode and deployed to iPad.
It works great. Then I tried an iPad Pro.

I actually had my iPad Pro zoomed in (Settings, Display, View, Zoomed) and it works great.
When I went to do screen shots, the images actually turn out to be iPad Retina size, not iPad Pro size.
So … it turns out that using the “zoom” feature downscales the resolution on the iPad Pro to iPad Retina.

I turned this feature off and when back to “Standard”.
Now when I run the app, it is sitting in the middle of a screen with black all around it.
It is basically a retina iPad game running in the middle of an iPad Pro screen.

I would assume Apple will reject me app.
Is there anything I can do to make it full screen on the iPad Pro?


It is getting even more complex.

Now that I have “zoom in” turned off, the errors are occurring right in Codea as well as when I build to an iPad

I currently have 6 student projects in Codea.
One of them has everything centered as described above.
One is perfect on the iPad Pro and is full screen all the time.
One has everything not centered but in the lower left corner.
Some are a mix of centered, corner and full screen depending on what scene you are on.

The only thing I have come up with so far is that the one that is perfect on the iPad Pro never uses “HEIGHT” or “WIDTH” in their code.
Will have to do more digging.

I change WIDTH & HEIGHT in my apps to “emulate” different device screen sizes to dev “universal” apps however this sometimes causes issues and a better solution is to use my own copies of them.

I guess therefore you could take the same approach and when you export your project you could read the actual device dimensions and then initialise those variables with those values.

What values do WIDTH and HEIGHT return on the Pro (in OVERLAY/ FULLSCREEN mode)? Are they correct?