Beta Test

This is my first game successfully made with Codea.
It’s a high score game with circles, quite hard to explain.

The Beta is over now. The game will be available on 15 May 2013.
Thank you to all the beta testers. Your comments are very helpful and have improved my game a lot.

I’m intrigued, so I’ve signed up.

Me too

Please let me know how it is.
Does it run badly on your device? Is it too hard to understand or play? or any suggestion.

interesting game idea, also menu inteface is cool

Mine does not install

Just signed up :slight_smile:

@corneliuhoffman Have you tried restart your iPad or reinstall testflight profile? I’m not quite know yet why it doesn’t install. I’ll look into it.

Edit: I searched the problem in google and some said that it can be fix by deleting your test flight profile in setting and install again. Does it work for you?

I cant get past the title screen. Clicks seem to do nothing. I thought it was interesting that a tripple tap brings up the codea consol :stuck_out_tongue: No errors being displayed there.

@Briarfox Did you hold your finger until the red circle cover the menu icon? If it still doesn’t work I’ll look into it.

Can this triple tap function be disable? I can’t find a way so I hope that the players won’t find this out :).

Sorry I have a coupe of betas myself so don’t want to erase the profile

Got it working, didnt realize it was a long press. Fun game :slight_smile:

The long press confused me a little as well. I was tapping away and getting nowhere. Once I’d played the game then the long press made sense, but I think that on the main menu then a simple tap would be easier to deal with.

I like the game, but it took me a few goes to figure out what was going on. In particular, I didn’t understand the ways that one could “die” until they’d all happened to me.

Your instructions could be slightly rephrased:

Create circles by pressing on the screen. The longer you press, the larger the circle.
Circles mustn’t overlap (unless they are the same colour) or touch the sides, and beware of the shooter.

For every 3 circles created you gain 1 second. Each circle costs 1 health point, but you earn health from the % of the screen covered by the circle.

Your score for a circle is (No. of circles on screen) x (Radius of new circle). When two circles of the same colour collide, they’ll merge and you get a 5 second bonus.

When a bomb appears, defuse it by tapping it when it is red.

(I’ve edited out a comment that, on reflection, I felt could be read not how I meant it. If anyone read it and felt offended, I apologise.)

@Andrew_Stacey Thank you for your comments. Do you think I should add ways to die instruction in the first game? I didn’t add them because I’m afraid it will be overwhelm with texts.

Did you get the bonus circle? It should be a yellow circle moving from one side of the screen to another.

Any comment on gameplay? I’d love to hear if you’re having fun or not and improve it as much as possible.

I don’t seem to have gotten the build yet.

@Zoyt sorry for the wait, I just woke up and uploading a new build. I’ll arrange it very soon.


Got it.

@Zoyt Hope you will have fun :slight_smile:

Wow… This is simply amazing… Probably one of the best of Codea. Great job! Are the circles made up of a mesh or what? The gradient looks cool, and so does your other backgrounds.
As for constructive criticism, one mistake destroying the entire game can be annoying. Try giving the player lives and the bubble just pops if messed up. Maybe every 5-10 circles, you get a new life.
Another thing is that in the instructions, you give the user a little too much info and is hard to read long pieces of text with that font (but I love the font). Try giving the user a visual tutorial with images and short titles. Do something like showing a finger on the screen and a growing bubble for how to create bubble, and "x"s over what not to do like touching walls while growing, or getting shot.
Finally, I like the hold-to-play thing you’ve got, but people don’t know that from the start. Try adding “Touch and hold to start” or something in smaller text just below the title.
Again, gat job!
P.S. Some people like to brag about their average bubble size (mine’s too big for the designated size), so you might want to add a unit to that.
Edit: Some more advice:
Don’t let the user grow circles inside another, because if they accidentally tap there, they loose.