Beta 2.1 (1)

the X to close the project from editor, on bottom left, is gone. Change… grrr… Closing on top left is… uneasy for me.
[edit] lets wait and see if others complain too.

@Simeon I’m having trouble with an export. The code runs fine in Codea, it compiles fine in XCode, but as soon as I try to run the app, the runtime stops as If there has been an in-Lua failure (i.e. The side panel opens and buttons are displayed). However it seems to be failing at startup. Even a print statement in the first line of setup won’t print. New behavior that’s proving hard to debug.

I know you are busy with ScrtchPad, but it would be nice to have video recording repaired soon.
btw, it is broken in FULLSCREEN and not in STANDARD

@Jmv38 sorry, it’s fixed already I just need to send out the build!

I never use the X, the little arrow has always been more appealing.

####Editor Bug:
Still the old bug: a tab with 30 lines, write text, the tab titles disappear, remove keyboard, the tab titles cannot be brought back…

So the new text asset is a simpler way to access text files than Plus provides dropbox sync? Or did i miss something?

I agree with Jmv that the x should stay, I never use the arrow and find the x more convenient.

Is the setContext bug fixed in this version?

@Jmv38 Sorry about removing the lower X button — I felt it was redundant, having two buttons on screen that essentially do the same thing. Is this something you feel strongly about?

The text assets provide an API that is consistent with other assets. As well as the ability to edit plain text files directly in Codea (press the little pencil icon in the asset picker).

@JakAttak the performance, or something else? We will be dealing with the performance in this version. Not done yet.

This may be on purpose, but it seems that there is extra space below things printed to the console. And the new tab bar is welcome improvement.
The other thing, which might just be a personal preference, but the color of the run triangle seems odd when the run button is being held down (when the keyboard is showing). The background color matches all the other neutral buttons, where the icon color is white. If what I just said, doesn’t make sense (it’s hard to explain), LMK.

  • The “Add to” and “Delete” buttons should be disabled if there are no items selected int he assets.
  • The slider to show the sidebar in the plain text editor should show when you tap on it, instead of making you drag it. Or you might try giving it a bounce effect when it’s tapped, similar to the way to when you tap the iOS 7 lock screen or the camera on the bounce screen.
  • Tapping and holding on the tab icon puts the unindent button at the top of the screen, which seems out of place. (All the other things that you can tap and hold on places the icons weirdly too.)
  • Are themes purposely excluded form the plain-text editor? It’d be nice to have a dark theme for plain text.
  • Tapping the colin button gives me a semicolon.
    Keep in mind that some of these issues may be due to iOS 8, so sorry if that’s the case.
    Also, just a quick idea for a feature, project favoriting. This would do 2 things: First, it’d always be pinned as the first project on the project browser. Second, it could be launched from a notification center widget (in iOS 8). Just a quick idea, I don’t know how easy it’d be for you.
    Edit: With the new iCloud API coming in iOS 8, I’d love to see the ability to work with assets in other apps too. That way, one could use Textastic for JSON or HTML things that they’re rendering with Lua. It might also allow for better automation. Just an idea.

@Simeon, yes I meant the performance. glad to hear you’re on the case :slight_smile:

@Zoyt great feedback, thank you. The popup keyboard keys sounds like an iOS 8 issue (that I’ll need to fix), the rest sound like iOS 7+ bugs.

I’ve considered project favouriting. I have a number other ideas in mind: project collections, marking a project as library, and pinning/favouriting. I like the idea of a notification center widget too.

I spoke to some people at Apple re. CloudKit for Codea, and it sounds like I’ll have to put it into review before they tell me whether or not it will be allowed. So I’m unsure on that right now.

when i run this

function setup()
    print("Hello World!")
    content = "hello"

then nothing is written in Documents:test when i inspect it from the asset explorer?
[edit] it does work when i save in another document. Maybe i messed up when i created ‘test’, but it doesnt show. (i created test first forgotting to write ‘Documents:’ before. Then i renamed it ‘test’ from the editor.)

@jmv38 thanks for spotting that. I think it’s a file extension issue. Will fix.

####Old bugs.
still not repaired (and still quite annoying):

  • the video record does not work.
  • when recording, the touch does not work

not a real bug, but:

  • in codea home screen.
  • tap to open left panel.
  • tap content.
  • tap documents.
  • scroll to a text asset, tap the pencil to edit.
  • tap close.
  • we are back to codea home screen, while we should be back to document folder

####About the [X]:
After some use, i confirm my first impression:

  • being right handed, the [<] in top left is painful (i’ve already got arm pain due to the ipad keyboard, this is not going to help).
  • actually, the best position for a right handed person would be bottom right, close to the [>], (but not too close! there is room for that in the bottom bar).
  • But you should leave the [<] where it is for left handed people.

Just a note that the next version, 2.1 (2), enables the experimental threaded renderer that @Dylan has been working on.

It’s pretty cool but also a very big change so I’m hoping to get your feedback on how it goes.

@Simeon I can’t get the buttons to re-appear after a triple-tap when using the full screen, no buttons mode in 2.1(2). Artifact of the separate thread?