Best way to backup Codea code.

Had a panic attack at CVS pharmacy one day, when I realized I left my iPad at the minute clinic. Wasn’t worried as much about the iPad as the hours and hours of codea code that was on it. Thankfully people here in the south are still honest and I was able to find it, still sitting where I left it.

What is your favorite way to backup your code?

There are several ways posted on the forum:

Which one do you find the easiest and quickest to use?

@MrScience101, my favorite way is Codea Community. It is very easy to setup, though using it for a batch update is more complicated…

@MrScience101 Here is another example I wrote for backing up a lot of projects at once. It uses the dependency list to select the projects and saves every selected project in a single file saved on Dropbox. From Dropbox, you can view the file or select an individual project to restore. I used it to backup my 320 projects. I also used it to restore one of my projects that I deleted by mistake.

Codea Community was set up for that purpose, as well as for sharing

I also use gists, which are quick and easy, and Pages (docs are stored in cloud)

If you connect your iPad to iTunes, you should find, at the bottom of the Apps tab, a list of apps that allow you to transfer info to and from the iPad. If Codea is there, you can literally drag and drop all your projects to your PC.

Codea Community is the best way now, I think, if you’re not using a desktop computer or a laptop. If you have a desktop/laptop, I think using iExplorer to copy all your projects onto your hard drive is much faster and more efficient.

I created a thread about this a while ago.

With Codea community you can also grab a zip file with all of your backed up projects.

Try Codea Community, it is the best way!

@Jmv38, what about XFC?

For the moment XFC make local backups on your ipad. It is not what he wants! But if he was looking for quick and easy local version backups, i would recommend XFC! :wink: Have you tried it?

Ahhhh, I was unaware it was just local

I use libimobiledevice on either a Mac or Linux machine to get access to the Documents folder and then just copy the whole lot over into a versionned directory. (No jailbreak required, but a bit of familiarity with the commadline.)

Ifile - Codea - ZIP documents folder - open zip file with Dropbox and it will upload it there.

Wonderful support as always from the community. Thank you.

I love codea community. But I am ignorant, how do you get a link to post on the forums? I have seen others do it, but when I long press on the version number, no copy option comes up?

@luatee, which version of ifile do you use? On the app store they have so many.

@dave1707 that is something I need to try, it looks great for backup up projects.

ok so I feel really dumb now. I didn’t realize I could just export the project to dropbox and then open the zip file to access the lua files.

The status updates while it is exporting are absolutely hilarious too. :slight_smile: Especially the “Defeating Feynman” one.

@MrScience101 Ifile isnt on the app store, you need a jailbroken device and cydia

For forum syntax:

@MrScience101, the export function might not be the best way as it creates a lot of files unnecessary for simply backing them up (It creates everything you need to run your project in Xcode)

@Jmv38, that is really cool. Taught me how to do a lot of things. I am curious though, did one of my posts not display correctly? It is displaying find on my computer, but I am using google chrome.

@JakAttak, good point.

@MrScience101, also for the CC link, you just tap and hold on the version number and it will be copied for you so you can go paste it anywhere.

@MrScience101 when you wrote

how do you get a link to post on the forums?

I though you wanted that kind of info. I guess i misinterpreted your question. Sorry.