Auto reload last project

The auto reload last opened project feature prevents to import a Codea project from zip throughout an HTTP link.

Good catch. I guess if we are opening a zip link we should cancel the auto load of the last project

I guess yes, I briefly saw the import popup before the auto load do its things.

Since we’re talking about imports…

Especially when there’s only one item in the import list—which is about 97% of the time—“import all” seems to lack a certain context-sensitivity.

Plus every time I import I find it very odd to have to opt-in a second time, given that mere milliseconds ago I tapped a link with the words “open in Codea.”

… so could we maybe get “import all” to default to on instead of off?

@UberGoober this was initially restrictive to satisfy App Store policy, but I think at this point you are correct and we should default to a less silly way to do this