Associate Codea to Dropbox

When I try to associate Codea to my Dropbox account, I enter my email and pwd, then it loops undefinitely.
Does somebody knows where this could come from ?


Are you using the link from the Codea home page, the gear icon top right of the page, and then the Dropbox link about halfway down the right side of the screen.

@Leon_levy sorry about the errors you are experiencing. I’m re-writing the Dropbox component right now and will hopefully have it ready for the next update soon.

Basically the Dropbox v1 API that Codea was using is being discontinued. And we are migrating to the v2 API.

It is supposed to continue to work for a few more months though, so I’ll look into it.

@Simeon @Leon_levy I’m currently not having any trouble syncing files between Dropbox and the Codea Dropbox folder. Maybe the only trouble is in the initial link and the v1 API transfer is still working for now.

@Simeon Since Apple won’t let you do imports, maybe something that can be done is an import from the Codea Dropbox folder. Put whatever you want into the Dropbox app folder and sync it with the Codea Dropbox folder. Once it’s in the Codea Dropbox folder, do the import from there. If it’s a zip file, do the unzip first. Right now when I do the project export to a zip file, I save it in Dropbox which gets synced with Codea. I can then sync them and have a zip copy in the Codea Dropbox folder.

Hello Simeon, I used the link from the Codea home page and the gear icon and then the"Associer" link. I enter my email and pwd then it enters in an infinite loop.
I joined a screen hard copy.
Thanks for your help.

@Leon_levy I’m currently rewriting Dropbox sync from scratch. Would you be interested in joining the next beta to test this functionality to see if it resolves your issue?

Yes of course.

@Leon_levy can you send me an email ( or private message with your email address?

(This goes for anyone else having issues with Dropbox who wants to see if they are resolved next beta)

@dave1707 I remember someone had written (a long long time ago) a program that would encode your program as an image and stick it in dropbox. That let you export and import projects, and they just looked like an image full of static…

@spacemonkey I did that for a dictionary file. It put 300,249 words in an image with a size of 1024x1024. I still have the image, but I haven’t found the program yet.

EDIT: Since then, I wrote a program that backs up all of my 490+ projects into one text file that I store in Dropbox. I use readText to read the file and pull out any project I want.

@spacemonkey Here’s something I found.

@dave1707 found it, it’s this one:

@spacemonkey Is that a valid link. I get a blank page.

@dave1707 it has 2 pages, go to the previous page

@CamelCoder @Simeon That’s strange. When I try that link it takes me to the second page of the discussion, which is blank. If I tap the << to go to the previous page, page1, it does nothing. I stay at page 2. If I sign out of the forum and I’m a “Howdy, Stranger”, and I try that link, it takes me to the first page of the discussion which has a lot of comments. If I tap >> to go to the second page, it’s blank like I see it when signed in. But I can tap the << which takes me to the first page. So I’m not sure why I have a problem with that discussion when I’m signed in.

I linked the dropbox acct to codea, but I dont see any of the files or folders when i press the dropbox icon via the assets icon. I’ve put a folder in the dropbox acct., that says ‘sound waves’ which contains sounds of cards shuffling and such, which i think should have come with codea already. Is it possible that i dont see the folder because i havent paid the $15 fee ?

@kendog400 - you may already know this but, when you set up a Dropbox acct link in Codea a Codea folder is set up in the Apps folder of your Dropbox account. Files are only visible in that Codea folder if they have a limited selection of file types eg png, jpg, txt, doc and others. So those are the only files you can see. But, you can still access files from folders within the Codea folder by addressing .

Eg. Pic = readImage(“Dropbox:sound/explosion”)

May have to include filetype if not recognised by Codea/Dropbox. Hope that helps, plenty of examples on the forum.

(Hope this is the right place. I have searched…). I am unable to get the Codea Assets Dropbox scanner to see PNG files in my added subdirectories. I have placed assets in …/Dropbox/apps/codea/ and …/Dropbox/apps/codea/test/

The Codea Assets Dropbox scanner sees all of the PNG files in the “home” directory, but not files in the desired subdirectory.

@pgyore I’m not sure what’s happening for you. Just for a test, I loaded a .png image to my Photos Camera Roll from the Internet. From the Dropbox folder in Codea, I loaded the .png image from my Camera Roll into the Codea Dropbox folder. I then syncd my Codea Dropbox folder with the Dropbox app which showed the image in the Dropbox/Apps/Codea folder. I also created a folder Dropbox/Apps/Codea/test1 and copied the .png image there. It showed there OK. I used a small Codea project to display the .png on the screen from the Codea Dropbox folder. So the image showed up in the Dropbox/Apps/Codea folder, in the Dropbox/Apps/Codea/test1 folder, in the Codea Dropbox folder, and on the screen using the sprite command.