Am I the only one seeing nutball indentation behavior?

I know the attached GIF is blurry, but here’s what it shows: I’m highlighting a bunch of text inside a parameter.integer function, then I’m tapping re-indent, and it’s indenting wayyyyyyyyyy too much.

This is happening to lesser and greater extents all over the place. Build 270.

@UberGoober I reported that problem as soon as version 270 came out.

@dave1707 whew, glad it’s not just me.

@Simeon - whilst editing to remove an error, I have seen the error massively indented with a grey line longer than the text which is pushed close to the right. Also lines were merged within the indented data and were difficult to edit. I had to delete the embedded indentation characters to bring the text back across for the blank line above and then from the indented line itself.

The first line had string data with it and it appeared as though the two lines were merged with the second line incorporated at the end of the string in the first line - they were all coloured red. Had to delete the end speech marks to be able to split the line. Is there any way we can see formatting characters when we are testing as describing this was quite difficult. Hope I haven’t confused you.