All Projects Are Gone

I’m not sure if this is due to an app update or an update to iOS 14 but I opened the app yesterday and all of my projects are gone. The example projects are all there, it’s only my own personal projects that are missing. I’m hoping that this is caused by a validation issue and that there is a way to get my projects back.

I think this might be a validation issue because when I tap on the Two Lives Left logo at the bottom of the screen and the Codea logo and the credits appear, immediately below the text “Created by Simeon Saëns and John Millard” I see the following error message: “Unable to validate receipt. The operation couldn’t be completed. (Codea.ReceiptDecodeError error 1.)”

Is there anything that I can do to revalidate my receipt and get my projects back?
Thank you

@rwetherbee @Simeon I get that message also, so that’s not the cause of the problem. I don’t believe any update causes that problem. I’ve used Codea for 8+ years and haven’t lost any projects due to any Codea or iOS updates. How many projects did you lose. I would suggest in the future you save copies to the Files app. Have to wait and see what Simeon suggests.

@rwetherbee if you open the Files app and look in On My iPad -> Codea do you see your projects? Is it possible they got moved to a subfolder?

It is possible to lose your projects by deleting and re-installing Codea, but other than that, Codea will never delete your projects itself or through an upgrade

(This doesn’t have anything to do with the receipt error)

Is there any further info we can get?

  • Did you recently backup / restore your iPad?
  • When did you last use Codea and have all your projects available?
  • Did you ever delete the Codea app?

Thanks for the replies.

I checked the Files app and there are no folders except for “Craft”, “Examples”, and “Dropbox.assets”. Unfortunately my projects aren’t in any of them.

I have not backed up or restored my iPad recently.
I am not 100% sure of the last time I had all my projects available. It was probably sometime around June or maybe a little earlier.
I have never deleted the Codea app and I have not enabled the option to offload unused apps either.

I didn’t have too many projects. Most of them were small scripts that I created during the process of learning lua. There were probably only about 3 or 4 “real” projects and I hadn’t touched them in a while.

@rwetherbee that is really odd, thank you for the extra information. Offloading unused apps should not affect your projects. And since there has been no backup or restore, your Codea projects should not have ever been moved off your iPad

Codea never deletes or changes your project files on an update, and only lists the contents of the On My iPad -> Codea folder for the project screen. The only thing I can think for you to try is — do you have an old iPad backup you can restore to see if they were ever backed up?