About asset usage : All block-related projects have become unresponsive

@sim All block-related projects have become unresponsive due to an initial analysis suggesting that the excessive use of quotation syntax in asset usage has led to an overload of prompt messages. However, when I changed the quotation syntax to dot syntax in the example, I found that the block library does not support it and directly returns an error. Could you please help to take a look at how to resolve this issue? I have a large number of block-related projects that are currently unusable, and I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

I switched from string quotation syntax to dot syntax, but Codea directly returned an error, stating that it expected a string. However, when I used a string, the system became so slow that it was unresponsive. How should I resolve this issue? Could anyone inform me?



    -- packPrefix = "NewBlocksPack:"
    packPrefix = asset.documents.NewBlocksPack

error log:

...57620A/Codea.app/Frameworks/CraftKit.framework/block.lua:68: bad argument #3 to 'value' (string expected, got userdata)
stack traceback:
	[C]: in upvalue 'value'
	...57620A/Codea.app/Frameworks/CraftKit.framework/block.lua:68: in field 'setTexture'
	...w%20Library%20May%20Need%20Restarts%20V1/BlocksSetup.lua:87: in function 'makeFlat'
	...20Library%20May%20Need%20Restarts%20V1/CottonCarpets.lua:3: in function 'cottonCarpets'
	...ts/New%20Library%20May%20Need%20Restarts%20V1/Blocks.lua:5: in function 'blocks'
	...ents/New%20Library%20May%20Need%20Restarts%20V1/Main.lua:27: in function 'setup'

...ents/New%20Library%20May%20Need%20Restarts%20V1/Main.lua:106: attempt to index a nil value (global 'player')
stack traceback:
	...ents/New%20Library%20May%20Need%20Restarts%20V1/Main.lua:106: in function 'draw'
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To work around this you can use viewer.showWarnings = false

@sim Thank you very much, you have saved at least half of my projects!!!

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