A small bug ?

When I use Codea on iPad2, if I hold the ‘delete’ key for about 10 sec or more in editing, Codea will crash. what about you, guys?
And sorry for my poor English then.

Hi @ETsc2, your English is fine! I tried your backspace issue but no crash. I only tried it on a small file though. It might be faster for you to delete lots of lines using select and then moving the blue handles before hitting backspace once.

Also you can comment out code if you think you might need it later, using – or for a block:



I’ve seen this behavior, on an ipad 3, in the beta - hadn’t seen it before. It doesn’t always happen, but when it does, it’s fairly reproducible.

Hi @Fred, thanks. Yes, the crash seldom occurs. Now I know it is faster that delete several lines by using select. Anyway, Codea is a wonderful app and I hope it’ll be better~ :slight_smile: