2013 Holiday Cookoff Competition Entry: Bit not the Byte

It’s tough being a bit. Your only choices are 0 and 1, on and off, yes and no, one state or the other. Yup, you require lots of out side help. No worries, users are always there to provide with the most interesting of choices.

Day 1 progress is shown below:

Looks very Interesting! Good Progress!

Hah, clever idea. I want to see where this leads.

One of those games… Nice take on the concept. I hope you answer the meaning of life for me.

@Zoyt Take the red pill, not the blue one…
Fantastic idea! I’m bewildered as to what you’re going to do with this so it should be interesting

Thank you for the kind comments. :slight_smile:

@Luatee Shhhh, its all a alternate reality! The computers will attack!

Day 2. Merry Christmas! Finished up programming functionality into the buttons and learned the fine art of using those graphical equations I learned about in algebra 2 to plot a path for a jumping and then falling bit. y = 1.7x-.3x*x in case you were curious. Who’d have thought those math equations would be useful? Started work on scene two. Plan to post a screen shot of it on Friday when it is complete.

Sounds great. You have a very intriguing concept.

looking forward to see the progress, nice graphics with the clouds.

Day 3. Thank you for the kind words as always. Scene 2 is coming along. Progammed a couple of yes responses and a no response for it. I should be able to post a screenshot of scene 2 tomorrow. Looks like about 2-3 days a scene, so it’ll probably be the wackiest three scene ride ever. Short and sweet.

Day 4: It was bound to happen. Just like Star Wars Episode 3, we all knew it was coming, that it was inevitable spoiler Anakin Skywalker would become Darth Vader end of spoiler So it is with our friend as he plummets off the cliff. But how? How did it happen? What caused such catastrophe? Here is a screenshot of scene 2:


Day 5. Commented out my custom graphics and replaced with the ones that come with Codea. The idea being that I am about to upload my code and I discovered something about my hosting server. My server is an aser aspire 1 that sits in the garage and wirelessly hosts my pages and images. Apparently when Netflix is running on our wireless blu ray player it kills the signal to the server, so the images in this thread and in my game would not display. Also, by using the built in images if this game is lucky enough to be included in examples of what codea can do, an outside hosting server won’t be required. Anyone who owns codea should be able to run and play the game. I am curious how well it will run on ipad 1 and 2, because my ipad has the retina display whereas the mini, 1 and 2 do not.

Alright, since the last image was censored, I decided to take a screenshot just before the accident occurs.

Here it is:

Can you save him? Can you prevent him from succumbing to a horrible transformation into a sishkabob? The power is in you, the user. It’s up to you. It’s all up to you. He’s counting on you. Please don’t let him FALL.

@MrScience101 this is gripping me the suspense of the gameplay pictures! It looks good!

Thank you for the kind words @Luatee

Alright! It’s done. Was going to add some sound, but sometimes silence is best. I am sick (literally, I have some sort of weird form of viral walking pneumonia) and can tell I will be out for a few days.

The easiest way to play is to start up Aircode in Codea and copy and paste the ‘all code in one file’ following into Main:


If you want to see how pretty the code looks in separate files you can see how I separated them here:


I have a codea community account and will be trying to get it into there. I’ll post again when it is available in the codea community.

Update: Bit not the Byte is now available on Codea Community

So fire up aircode and go save Bit not the Byte from the FALL of his life! Good luck!

Thanks! It was enjoyable!

I couldn’t copy and paste from github in to air code, it kept going to blank when I restarted the project!