Help Translate Codea Into Your Language

Hi Everyone

Codea is used by a lot of people from all over the world, and it’s currently only available in English. I feel that this might be frustrating for some of you — to use an app that is not in your language.

While working on version 1.5 I’ve taken the time to generate localization strings for every piece of text in the user interface so that it can be translated into other languages.

I’ll be organising translations for some languages (Japanese is currently being worked on) but we can’t possibly cover every country and every language — if you like Codea, and you want it in your language, you can contribute by visiting the link below.


Do you want to see Codea in your language?

If you have the time and inclination, you can contribute to the translation project.

You can start here: is a crowd-sourced translation tool. You can add translations for phrases and words, and vote on existing translations.

Currently there are three files:

  • Core/Localizable.strings : The main Codea Editor, Project Browser and more
  • Runtime/Localizable.strings : The viewer and sidebar that renders your project, contains only a very small number of strings
  • Codea-Description.txt : The App Store description for Codea. It is necessary to translate this as well, because Apple will not allow us to submit a localized app without a corresponding localized description.


What about the documentation?

The documentation is huge. I want to start small with this to see if there is enough interest. If the translation of Codea is something people value, then I will seriously look at how we can get the documentation translated as well.

Edit: It seems like there is enough interest and much of the documentation is now available to be translated at the above link.


How will I see my translation?

If you contribute as a translator then I will be happy to add you to the beta group for Codea 1.5, so you can test and use early builds of Codea 1.5 with your translations in-place. You will also be credited on the credits screen for Codea.


My language isn’t in the list

Post below and I will enable your language for translation.

Feel free to post below to share your thoughts, questions, or anything else.

A fantastic idea! I agree with this completely (even though it would make little or no difference to me)! It will expand the user range of Codea, which means more talented programmers, which means more fantastic code! I can’t contribute though, don’t know any languages that well to translate them.

@Simeon can you add Slovak language?

//What about diacritic? Can we use it?

.@Cabernet I’ve added Slovak — it should be in the list now. Thank you for requesting it.

What is diacritic?

“š??žÃ½Ã¡Ã­Ã©” and so on…

Yes, you can use them — I wasn’t aware of the term for them.

Would it be possible to choose the langage we want from Codea? I am french, and my experience of translations is that, when it comes to technical things, that have been created and thought of in english, the translations put some confusion in the explanations, and i often prefer to go back to the english text where things are clearer. And most people interested in programming already have to know technical english, anyway… But your intention is good for less educated people, or young people who havent learned english yet. it will help them to jump into codea (and you’ll get more customers too).

.@Jmv38 I’m not sure — I think all apps will simply use the language you have set in your iPad Settings. However this translation effort is simply for the UI text — not the documentation. The documentation will still be in English (which is where all the technical details are).

I like your program very much and I’ll help you with Russian translate with great pleasure. But for my work I’d like to get your app for free. Can you afford me that?

And for example, after you’ll publish new version with Russian localisation, will it be possible to change something in translating?

Thank you to everyone who has contributed! Four languages in one night — that’s really impressive. I’m looking forward to be able to provide Codea in your language.

.@MRxRadex when a new version is published, the differences between the new and the old will be shown on the translation — so only the new stuff would have to be translated to handle an update.

Lol just finished with Spanish :slight_smile:

Please add Thai language.

Thai is added, @sanit. Thanks for the request.

.@juaxix thank you it look brilliant.

So, Russian is here! And firstly I was happy of doing something, that doesn’t bring money. Nice system for translation. Good work!

@Simeon, Add Romanian language. I am from Romania.

I’ll translate the texts from English into Romanian. I am not expert in English, but

But it’s easiest to translate any text from English into my native language, rather than vice versa. :slight_smile:

Thank you @Georgian, I’ve added Romanian to the list.

Thank you for the Russian translations MRxRadex! Looking forward to putting them into the app.

I will post some screenshots of how the translations look in Codea.

This is an excellent idea. If my mother tongue was not British English, I would help - but perhaps I can help promote this discussion in other parts of the Forum.

@Simeon, perhaps a discussion title like “Help translate Codea into your language!” would reach a wider audience on the Forum than the current one?

Thanks for the suggestion, @mpilgrem.

The response has been amazing, and I love seeing Codea in all these beautiful languages.

Here’s a few examples:

Español by @juaxix

Français by @toffer and @ggtr1138

OMG , love it :-)~