Help Translate Codea Into Your Language

I have submit some translation for Simplified Chinese.
thought it shows 96% translated, but I’m sure it’s 100% available.

Thank you Zenz, I’ve sent you a message through CrowdIn.

Hi, Simeon. I got your email will reply you by email.

Sorry I didn’t notice it has already done…


I would like to translate it into chinese simplify.Please add it and I’ll start my work.I would also translate the application instruction in the app store if needed.

@simeon, please add Bahasa Indonesia. Thank you.

Update: Sorry, didn’t notice it’s already there. Just ignore me. :slight_smile:

woo~ I can’t wait to test it!

.@Bee, we need your help to check and correct the translations… :slight_smile:

As @Fred mentioned, @Syeswr, @bee and others: if you have the time and your languages are already translated, please have a quick look at some of the translations and consider voting on them if they are good, or suggesting alternatives if you can think of better.

After a glance…As a native,current sim Chinese translation is really…crappy… I’ll try my best to make it more beautiful@Simon

I’ve just update the simplify chinese translation.
The are two main problem in previous version.
Firstly, some proper none are directly translate into chinese according to its meaning.
For instance,"sprite"into a name of animal rather than a special picture.
Secondly,some phrases are copied directly from machine translate,which reads not so fluently and beautifully.
Glad to see Codea in my mother language!
I also want to translante references if possible.

Thank you @Syeswr for improving the translation! I was thinking about adding the reference documentation, but it is very, very big.

@Simeon that’s ok.What I want to say is I have the interest of translate it as well.

Hi! Syeswr, your translation for simplified Chinese is much better than mine. great work!

Dear Simeon, Please use @Syeswr’s translation for simplified Chinese, I think his translation can attract more attention.

Thanks,@Zenz.We have the same goal of building a perfect Codea in Chinese.^O^

One more question.@Simeon
I noticed a string called"shader lab"in translation which doesn’t exit in current version.So I don’t know what it exactly stands for.Is it a demo like physic lab or a browser to creat or test shaders?Please tell me and I would try to give a more accurate translation.Thanks.

.@Syeswr It is a browser to create and test shaders. It’s a new feature coming in 1.5.

When you click on the term you should notice a screen shot picture — click on the screenshot and it will show you exactly where the term “Shader Lab” is used.

.@Simeon.Roger. And the translation has been updated.