Game Preview

I have created a TestFlight account and will be uploading a build of my app “Jumpin’ Jack” sometime tonight. If any of you would be willing to join the testing team and help me make this game even better, please join here:

Thank You!

EDIT: Here is the Trailer so far:'

I signed up

I signed up as Nate.

Thank you all. I just uploaded Version 1.1, if you install it any feedback and comments would be much appreciated

Thank you all. I just uploaded Version 1.2, if you install it any feedback and comments would be much appreciated

Quick note: If any of you have iPhones I would much appreciate any feedback on how it runs on those as i am making it universal but do not have an iPhone myself to test with.

Also, please comment here if you sign up and try to give me some clue as to how to identify you in testflight if your testflight name is different to your username here.

Thanks to all of you that are installing the new builds. Latest one is V. 1.2.2, do any of you have any feedback/comments/ideas to improve? @Briarfox @Zoyt

Thanks to all of you that are installing the new builds. Latest one is V. 1.2.3, do any of you have any feedback/comments/ideas to improve? @Briarfox @Zoyt

Sorry, I hadn’t had time to evaluate it. I hate to say this, but this app needs a lot of work before being released. I’ll go through and list suggestions/bugs -

  • When I loose a game, I can’t restart it. It just shows a gameOver screen to me again.
  • When you tilt it, you move to slowly. The controls from the example are really clumsy, so you should make it so the more you tilt, the faster you move.
  • None of the graphics match. I suggest that you find a retro font on the web, put it in the runtime, and use that. Also, try and make the clouds, ground, and background pixel art.
  • Your player is smoothed when playing the game (meaning he’s blurred), so call nSmooth() before you draw the player.
  • The sound effects are giving me a headache. I would say to get rid of the sound effects all together and put some music over it (some thing you made, try GarageBand).
  • Get rid of the grid on the icon.
  • Use a standard font.
  • When you fall, I usually loose all my lives by falling through lives and not having time to get on a cloud. Make sure you add a cloud right under the player when he falls.
  • The photo idea doesn’t quite work yet. Try using the face detection library that someone released (ill find the link if you can’t) and use that to make sure there is a cache in the photo and crop it to that.
  • I have to wait about 30 seconds after I take the photo for it to register.
  • Try using John‘s particle system to add cool effects.
  • Your stats take up way too much space. Try and replace the text with a little icon and make the text smaller.
    I’ll add some more suggestions after you fix a few of these. Sorry to sound rude, but being honest is better than lying.
    On the flip side, it’s in interesting concept to have multiple lives and extra jumps.
    Good luck!

@Zoyt thank you for the feedback. I will try to work on most of the points you make and upload an improved version asap

@JakAttack I’d recommend getting away from the jump example in codea and make it your own… Add stuff that might attack you on the clouds, maybe add a power up thats adds to your CheatsLeft variable instead of giving a flat number. I’ve enjoyed using the console and editing the global variables. That might be something you want to change. I’d spend some more time working on gameplay and art assets. Then start Alpha testing it. What you have here seems like an early prototype that you have been using to learn codea on, which is great. Don’t be afraid of scrapping the way your app works when you learn a new and better method to write it. Keep at it!

@Briarfox you may not have noticed, but as you go up you do gain additional CheatsLeft as you go up.

@JakAttak Yeah I saw that. However if you place it on clouds it makes the player need to react and tilt to acquire the bonus jump :slight_smile: I’m just throwing out some suggestions .

@Zoyt I just uploaded a new build that addresses most of your points. Please tell me what you think and any additional changes you feel I should add. Thank you

@JakAttak Just updated the new build. I can not seem to get Jack to start jumping. I see you re did some of the art assets and added Enemies!

@Briarfox, are you having an error where Jack does not show up?

He does not load and the game play screen is static. I can see 3 new clouds and a spider that is sometimes on a cloud and sometimes not.

@Briarfox I believe I know the bug you are talking about… It should work if you go through the character screen and choose jack at the end. New version with fix will come out soon

@JakAttak When shooting after jumping off a cloud, Jack catches upto the bullets.

Great update :slight_smile: i think the controls should be more practical because you have to stay tilted if you want to be on the side of the screen (hope you’ll understand what I say)