Game Preview

@Hydreed thank you, next update will be music, iAds, possibly Game Center, and I may try to implement what you are saying, could you lease explain better im not sure i understand

Yes, to move Jack on the right or left side of the screen, i must keep the ipad tilted. I think it will be better if Jack stay at his position if the ipad is straight.

Signed up:)

Just uploaded the latest version. This one is a pretty big update which includes (among other things), music, iAds, and Game Center.

Also, if you signed up and I forgot to add you please let me know so that I can get you in

I sined up, my name is Kalle J. :slight_smile:

@akaJag. Ok, hold tight and ill make sure you can get it

:smiley: thank you

@akaJag just updated it. You should recieve an email shortly, or just try and install it

Edit: I see that you’ve installed it :slight_smile: Please let me know what you think!

Hmm, okey… I’ve gotten some critic

Bugs and/or bad mechanics:

o First off: the obvious ones

  • The menu background is waaay too messy, it’s hard to read the menu text.
  • The monster sprite does not fit at all, I am sure you are changing it. But I just wanted to get that out.
  • The shooting seems way too simple, I am just tapping the left side as fast as I can, very boring.

o Now the stuff you CAN notice:

  • The character is too fast, you can control it during a streak but if you get off balance you will go too far and miss the clouds.
  • Most screens (like the pause menu) is escaped via tapping mostly anywhere on the screen, this causes frustration when you die while shooting and suddenly a game over screen flashes and you are at the menu.
  • Bullets seems to sometimes miss the monsters even tho they clearly go through the monsters visually.
  • When colliding with a monster there should be some sort of notification, compared to this version where the only difference is that the health is going down a bit.

o Bugs/glitches you may have problem seeing:

  • This game does not seem to be totally optimised to the size of the screen, so for example on the iPhone the character is very fast, the sideways speed is too fast, and even the ground is not visable at start of a game.


o Astetics

  • As said before: the menu. Its background and the buttons could use a overhaul.
  • Instead of having a constant glow behind the character maybe you should try adding shadows, that only show on clouds perhaps?
  • The bullets needs a improvment as well, just plain red balls wont cut it. And also on the laser; try drawing a line between each “dot” instead, it would give a much more smooth"er" look.
  • Variation of clouds.
  • Variation of monsters/obstacles.
  • Small sound effects, for example for the shooting, jumping, or impact with a monster. You know, like “Ough!”.

o Mechanics

  • Add more “improved” settings. Ex: online score, view your highscore in-game, basic UI settings. Perhaps have a bar for the sensability like the integer/number parameters.

Okay I could probably go even further then this, but atm I cannot come up with more ideas. (And my iPad is starting to lagg from all this text as well :stuck_out_tongue: )
So I will leave with this, do not just see this as a list of bad stuff about your game, see it as a to-do list. Go from point to point and see how far you can push it.
The longer you work on it the better it will be, a game is never finished. But the longer you wait the smaller the hype will be.
I do not know if you will read all this, but if so, thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Excuse me for my language, you get the gist but if you get disturbed you can tell me and I will correct the error. :slight_smile:

BTW I also beated the easy highscore! :smiley:

Okey I dont really know how I should format my list, any ideas? Like you @Zoyt, how did you do it?

@akaJag - There are ways in markdown to make real lists, but I was too lazy to rediscover it. I simly put a dash, a space, my text, two spaces, then a new line. Not too complicated.
Downloading the new version now.

@akaJag thanks for the feedback! To address some of your points… The enemies are just placeholders don’t worry :slight_smile: and the character speed is changeable by clicking settings in bottom left corner. I’ll work on the rest :slight_smile:

@Zoyt Thanks! I played around with some other characters and got that indent thingy :slight_smile:
Looks good enough.

@JakAttak Yea I saw the speed setting, tho I think it still is too fast on slowest speed. Maybe you could change the range, so that the smallest value and the biggest are totally different, like slomo and high speed.

Concidering that you have ads I guess this will be free on the store?

@akaJag, yes

@akaJag just uploaded a new build addressing just a few of your complaints. New bullets, changed background of title screen, -5 sensitivity is now much slower movement, better laserbeam. Also changed music

Note: Please delete the old version before installing 1.3.3 or sensitivity will be very screwed up

I signed up, but I can’t figure out how to get the beta app…

@SkyTheCoder, once I add you you should recieve an email with instructions to install

Edit: You need to register a device first