1.4.1 in app store

Yay, what the title says :slight_smile:
@Simeon love the search function btw

I second that: five stars, without hesitation.

Thanks for the update. The open project crash fix is working well.

I haven’t found a search function yet. Any hints on where to look?

I wish I didn’t have to spend the day moving :stuck_out_tongue: can’t wait to get my hands on the update (the search functionality should make getting around CocosCodea a little easier)

@Keebo it’s in the function browser pop-up on the keyboard. I’ll probably change the icon to a search icon in the next release.

Thanks Simeon. That will be very helpful.

I’m embarrassed to say that I had never even knew the function browser existed. That too will now be used quite often.

Hi @Simeon,

Just like to add my thanks for the update - I haven’t had a Codea exit while loading yet so all bodes well.

Now I can start playing again in earnest.




@Keebo, I’ve also missed that button, really nice :slight_smile:

Thanks for this release!

Tried the search function and it appears that the search doesn’t find anything until at least 3 characters are keyed in. Doesn’t work with 1or 2 character names.


@dave1707 that is correct. Imagine the list of results for a large project if it searched one or two characters. It would make it very slow and difficult to type your search term.

I agree that searching on a single or double character would be bad. However, when searching for a single character, you would actually search for a minimum of 3 characters. The left most would be a set of ghost characters, that is, a space, [{.+=" and other special characters that could be on the left, the variable name, and then right side ghost characters, that is, a space, ]}*+=." and others. In other words, the name that’s being searched for would be between a set of ghost characters. The left and right side ghost characters would be a different set of special characters based on what could come before or after a variable name. That would allow a search for any size name without causing a large list of hits.

See the Lua manual, section 5.4.1 - Patterns


I had missed that button as well - which has inspired me to work out what each of the 11 custom buttons do.

Here is what I think the answer is: http://codeatuts.blogspot.com.au/2012/06/interlude-2-codea-custom-keyboard.html

Let me know if I got any wrong.

@Reefwing - that’s a very nice tutorial site you got going there, keep up the good work !

@Xavier - Thanks dude.

@dave1707 that’s a good idea. Though I’ll have to see how well it works in practice to treat single and double characters as a special search case.

I had to do the same thing when it came to searching for text in my released app. 3 characters is ample to reduce a list enough to keep it from taking over the screen or slowing down the app.

I’m using a Bluetooth keyboard with Codea, and I can’t type into the search box unless I bring up the soft keyboard. Tapping the search field dismisses the popup.

EDIT: I’ve added it to the issue tracker.

@SteveH Thanks for reporting that bug — would you be able to file it on the issue tracker? (Link is up the top in the forum header).

Just got the update. Love the search tool. Looking forward for replace. Oh, and unindent button, as well. :slight_smile:

Reefwing, you saved a day from my life. Thanks!

I don’t know what happened, but it was strange.

I looked for the search button, but it does not exist. @-)