1.4.1 in app store

Thanks to @Keebo for pointing out the gestures available on the keyboard and edit screen. I have updated the tutorial page (http://codeatuts.blogspot.com.au/) with these.

Let me know if I have missed any other gestures.

@Georgian - you are very welcome.

@SteveH I’ve been looking at the external keyboard search bug, and it’s a lot harder to fix than I otherwise though. (It was pretty hard to get iOS to allow the keyboard to stay up from a popover view spawned from the keyboard itself.) So a fix might not make it into the next update.

@Simeon No worries! If I need to, I can always bring up the soft keyboard. That works fine.

Hmm…when using an external keyboard, whenever I bring up the function browser, I can’t type anything into the search box. When I touch the search box to give it focus, it is dismissed immediately.

Edit: ahh, I see that @SteveH has already reported this bug, apologies for not reading this thread more thoroughly

Hi @Simeon, the search function is really a great news.

I’v tried it with a project with several files and sometimes it crashes. There’s to say I’m using a custom LuaSandbox file, that enables loadProjects (following @ruilov suggestion on a previous post) and it can be that this is the reason for unstable search, I don’t know.

That greatest problem is that when codea crashes in this way, the most of the changes done are lost. I’m sure that Codea save files when a project is executed or when exiting a project, but i’m no so sure it saves while coding, and if yes how often. It would be nice to have a “save” command available :slight_smile:

Just wanted to let you know that syncing with Dropbox has crashed Codea 2 out of 3 times just now.

Also, Codea has crashed 4 times in a row when using the function search button.

Hopefully it is just my bad karma but thought you might want to know.


Sorry, my bad on the Dropbox issue. I was too far away from my WIFI router to get a good enough signal for synching. Working as expected now that I am in my usual range.

I use the search function all the time, but frequently make the same mistake. I hit the function browser key and then start typing. If I don’t first click in the search field, the text goes into the code instead. It would save much muttering to myself if at that point any text I typed went into the search field by default.

@Ceres good suggestion. So you think the search bar should take focus immediately? What do others think?

I second that

Slow to get back to this. You understood me Simeon. Should I enter it somewhere as an official request.

Hi, just read and… yes I totally agree with @Ceres, I hate so much when i start typing (almost everytime, sigh) and instead of searching something I’m just putting chars in the middle of the code!