ZoOp! iPad Finger Party!

Hi there!

I just finished creating a trailer for my upcoming Codea powered game. You can check it there:


Have to say it has been a breeze to develop using Codea! Thanks a lot for providing us with such a great tool :slight_smile:

Looks hilarious! I might have to ban my kids from playing it, though - the iPad might not survive.

(Typo in the trailer: โ€œA game where you move stuff around.โ€)

Very nicely done, very professional with all the animations etc.

Awesome! My daughter will love this! :smiley:

Great idea! Reminds me of Hungry Hungry Hippos from my childhood!

I kind of thought the โ€œstuffsโ€ was on purpose, just as a bit of humor.

In any case, it looks like a blast, @Dir3kt. Very nice work!

Very nice work! Clean, beautiful, and seems like fun, until everyone breaks your iPad.

Waoo impresive @dir3kt , but in the iPad 1 works ? I mean , it Is not crashed?

Looks nice! Clean, simple, fun. And the music is great

Thanks a lot for all your comments! The typo is not on purpose. Iโ€™m not native English speaker sorry about that. Anyway I corrected the video, thanks for noticing it.

Luismi: I have not idea if it works on iPad1. I guess it works as much as Codea works :wink: Only tested on iPad 2 and greater.

It looks nice, the only thing you have to be careful with on touch devices, the more fingers on the screen, the less of the screen you can see and enjoy. But I think you handled that pretty well!

ZoOp! has just been released on the AppStore!

Here is the link:

Any promotion codes?

That looks fun! Great idea!