Yet Another Backup Utility for Codea

In the good old days, my preferred method for backing up my projects was to connect my iPad to my computer and copy the files over. Once on my computer, I could version control them or whatever. Trouble was, that method relied on the fact that we could access the documents directory of Codea. At the moment, we can’t.

I don’t like using a third-party service to back up my projects. For some reason, there’s something odd about sending my files half way around the world to get them to travel a distance of two feet.

I tried playing around with AirCode, but ran into a few issues. Eventually, I settled on sockets as the obvious way to communicate between two devices.

The result is a Codea project and a computer program that communicate together to transfer files between them. It can also run between two iPads.

The code, and a little more info, are available on github. (I’m quite happy to use github for code sharing!)

If nothing else, I’ve learnt a lot about sockets through doing this (my thanks to JakAttak - I think it was - for the initial discussion of sockets on these forums).

@LoopSpace Fantastic! I was going to write something like this a few weeks ago but didn’t get round to it in the end.

I’m currently backing my projects by recovering them out of ITunes backups but this will be much faster :smiley:

The good news is, it looks like it can be fixed if Codea implements App File Sharing. I posted an issue on the tracker about it here :slight_smile: