xcode error

Hi All!
I exported project from ipad to xcode 4.6.3 on Mac Os Mountain Lion.
when I’m trying to compile project, xcode issues errors and build failed

link to screeshoot
Help me please!

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@giguka There is currently a bug in the exported project where it is missing the Security framework. You can easily add it by doing the following:

  • Click on the file browser and select the project
  • Click on the “Build Phases” tab that appears on the right
  • Expand the “Link Binary with Libraries” section
  • Press the + button on the lower left of “Link Binary with Libraries”
  • Type in “Security” in the search area - you should see “Security.framework” in the list of items
  • Click on “Security.framework” and press the “Add” button

Now you can compile your app

Wow, its worked, thanks so much John!

No problem