Xcode acting like Codea

Hi guys, I recently got my first Mac, and when I exported my project to Xcode, some weird things happened. The first thing was it pulled up “Made with Codea” which I thought was weird, since none of the other apps on the appstore made in Codea have it. Also, All the buttons pull up. like the restart, camera, pause, control panel, etc.

  1. Made With Codea is the default application loading screen image. You can change it to whatever you like

  2. Are you calling displayMode("FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS")?

@JakAttak No, I haven’t. How do I change the loading screen?

Oh no! Now it says I don’t have permission to view, even though I allowed everyone on the Mac to view!

If you look in the folder there should be a few images that look like that. Landscape and portrait. Just change them to your images that have the correct measurements. Also, if you don’t call FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS, the buttons will be there