Working Copy iOS 9: split-screen source control

About the most exciting iOS 9 feature for me is split screen. I’m on an iPad Air 1, so I can’t use the full, side-by-side multitasking, but the slide over feature is incredibly useful.

One app that make excellent use of this is Working Copy, the full iOS Git source control app that you may remember I posted about a while back.

Working on a project and need to quickly check what you changed from the previous version? Simply slide over Working Copy, choose a previous commit, and view the diffs:


This is the future of iPad coding!

I’m testing the beta of Working Copy and it has some incredibly exciting features, including WebDAV hosting, which will allow full integration between Codea and Working Copy.

it will make sens with the ipad pro 12.9 inch
very wide and expensive

Here’s a video made by the Textastic developer showing Textastic interfacing with Working Copy.

This is iOS8, the feature which lets you open and edit another app’s files.

So when he is editing the file in Textastic, the file stays in Working Copy’s Sandbox. I do this a lot with Byword, and it’s a feature I love. It’s key to getting the power and flexibility of the desktop on mobile.

(iOS 9 split-screen or slide-over is just the icing on the cake. ie it lets you do what he is doing here, without fully switching between the apps).

I would love it if Codea added this open-in facility (though I understand the history of Apple requesting the removal of prior versions of the “Open In” interface)