Wondering about Retina Compatibility.

So I am aware that Codea uses 1024x768 and not the Retina display width and height, but when I define an object at (100, 100) is that automatically transformed to (200,200) for Retina iPads, and remains in the same position? Since I have hard coded some values, I hope that this is the case.

Also, the font Helvetica Ultralight seems like it is not built around Retina iPads because the text gets fuzzy at times and doesn’t appear crystal clear on my Retina iPad or on the simulator on my Mac. I just want to clear up some confusions about this because I plan on doing my final export to Xcode next week and making the app available on TestFlight soon.

@YoloSwag - short answer is that your program will look exactly the same on retina and non-retina iPads, so one size fits all.

@YoloSwag The WIDTH and HEIGHT (768x1024) values are the same for Retina and non Retina. The difference on the Retina is the ability to use 1/2 values. So an object at (100,100) is at the same position. On a Retina display, you can specify (100.5,100.5). So you have twice the pixels in WIDTH and twice the pixels in HEIGHT on a Retina display.

Thank you @dave1707 and @Ignatz. Is there a way to get the font Helvetica Ultralight clearer on a retina ipad?

@YoloSwag I ran the below code on my iPad Air. Even changing the font size of 300, it’s clear to me. Is this the same font you’re talking about.


function setup()

function draw()
    background(40, 40, 50)

@Ignatz Actually, on retina iPads sprites can appear blurry even when on a “pixel-for-pixel” size. (I use quotes because it’s not really pixel-for-pixel, you need to set the size to half the image’s width for it to be really pixel-for-pixel)

@dave1707. Yes, that’s the font I’m using throughout my app, but I have the fontSize set pretty low, around 20-60. And when the text is moving, some of text becomes pixelated, and kinda of stutters on the screen. The larger text doesn’t exhibit this on my ipad, but the smaller text definitely shows some issues, at least on my ipad. For exmaple, if you set the font size to 20 on your example do you see that the ‘W’ isn’t clear?