Windowed GUI Library


There are some examples in the code for how to use it, and I’ll make a guide later.

To download it, paste this code into a new project:

function setup()
        for tab, src in data:gmatch("%-%-%[=%[TAB:(.-)%]=%]\
(.-)%-%-%[=%[END_TAB%]=%]") do
            saveProjectTab(tab, src)

Yeah, it still has a few small bugs, but it’s completely functional. Feel free to use any of my code im your projects without credit, although a comment pointing towards this post would be nice

Could you give us an exemple
a window with 2 variables A ? B ? and another with C ?

Two errors when this is run.

error: [string "-- WinLib..."]:19: attempt to index a nil value (local 'i')

error: [string "--#nofunc..."]:9: bad argument #1 to 'shader' (Shader not found)

My bad, I’ve fixed that now

Now nothing happens. I see the word Done flash, but nothing but a black screen.

Actually, if I keep watching I see the word Done flashing constantly at different intervals.

Okay, I fixed that for real, try it again and it should work.

It works now. One thing I noticed, if I close out the Debug alert and press OK on the other boxes, I see a flash of the closed Debug alert box.

I’ll look into that, thanks. Also, I’ll be writing a guide for it over the weekend

nice work!

Excellent thanks for sharing !!
it’s works fine and it’s very fast !
i don’t see option icon.
i will try textedit
it is very useful,
tanks a lot. :)>-

i’ve max fps 458 on ipad air !!! is it possible ?
and fps between 100 and 300 but it’s too fast for reading

I noticed that sometimes passed the window below and sometimes above rather random way

A-OK, very practical

I just updated it for a larger, slightly improved UI style, and more importantly, I added menubars:
For the next update, I’ll be adding UI skinning.

menubars, it’s very good idea

I looked at you code and now I make my own programs

Nice, it’s cool to see that someone’s actually using my code! Good luck with whatever you’re making!
i guess this means it’s time to start developing it again