So as many of you know iOS 14 is out and well I have heard of a little thing they added in the update called widgets and I was just wondering if Codea would be able to make a widget thing for people to play around with and so people can use it for their apps. The way I imagined it is it’s just a widget but in Codea you would add a widget function like function widget(Widget Size) then you would be able to code whatever you want into it just as long as it fits then go on the home screen, add a Codea widget, edit it to your project, and choose whichever you want. It’s probably going to be a hard thing to implement but I was just saying it would be handy for some people with their projects.

I think we’d need an entirely new API for widget drawing — you wouldn’t be able to use the Codea drawing APIs. It would be something like shapes, paths, colours, images, gradients and text but specifically for Widget UI

So does that mean it could be a possible feature for Codea in a future update?

It’s possible, you just wouldn’t be making a “Codea” project you would be making a “Widget” project with an entirely different API

I haven’t given it enough thought yet but it might also be better as an entirely separate app just for writing widgets in Lua

That sounds good to me either way.