Widgets widgets widgets!!!

I asked myself why, fundamentally, I like Codea so much, and I realized it has nothing to do with coding philosophies, and not even much to do with making ‘real’ apps, it’s for a very simple reason: Codea makes it easy and fast to make cool things.

So please forgive me for making another feature suggestion that may not align with what anyone else thinks is a high priority, but to me, a home-run idea is anything that makes Codea faster, easier, and cooler, and this is one.

What if Codea let you take any project and make it into an iOS 14+ home-screen widget, so at one tap we could run any project just like it was a real app?

interesting idea. possible? easy? would apple allow it?

@RonJeffries apps are now allowed (and encouraged) to create widgets that can be used on the home screen and offer partial functionality of the entire app. There might be some technicality that prevents Codea from doing this, but in essence it’s exactly something Apple wants you to do.