Why do most of the Examples fail in some way?

For some reason, lots of the Codea examples fail to run, or have loads of errors, crash Codea or if they do run, don’t interact properly?
E.g. Voxel Player runs, but can’t do anything, Codea locks up a need to force exit.
Animation - fails to run with errors
Roller Coaster - fails to run with errors
Voxel terrain - runs, but spawn player cannot move with controls
Etc. etc.
I’ve tried resetting the examples, but no different.
I’m running with iOS 16.8 on iPad Pro 12" M1.
How are people supposed to learn from examples if the examples don’t work!

Codeas constantly changes with the updates, but the examples don’t. So the majority of time is spent updating Codea but not on the examples. So any problems with the examples just get carried over from version to version. Most of the examples are several years old.

i have the latest beta and all the noted project work correctly

try using “Restore all examples” and also make sure you are running them in the 3.x runtime not the new 4.x

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I’m running version 3.8, and have tried restoring examples.
I’ve upgraded to iOS 17.0.1, but still they fail!

I tried running all the examples and the 4 voxel examples and the block library don’t seem to work. Are those the ones you’re having trouble with.

All I get with Voxel Player is a zoomed in Inage of the orange floor, a set of boxes along the bottom, with 1 red cube, and what look like, navigation controls (arrows and a big dot), the Codea just locks up. I can’t click anything, even the Codea icons don’t work, and I need to exit the App and restart.

Similar thing with the voxel terrain, when I press Spawn Player, it zooms into somewhere, but that’s it, same controls, but nothing works. It does show some deprecated function errors on startup, then attempt to call nil errors if I press the Restart button.

I tried running the WebRepo downloaded from the forum, that just crashes Codea.
It seems very flakey for an App at version 3.8 and over 10 years old!

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All of the effort is in updates to the Codea app and not the examples which are several years old. Those have not been updated because no one has really complained about them not working. There are a lot of examples on the forum.

it sounds like you’re running in runtime 4.x when you need 3.x

@skar Are you able to run the 4 Voxel apps and the block editor without any problems under 3.x . For me they don’t run correctly or at all.

How do I tell if I’m running 3 or 4 and how do I change it?

Start a project. Tap the ‘Do’ in the upper right of the screen. Select Preferences then in the upper left you can select 3.x or 4.x . 4.x is still under development, so a lot of thing still don’t work. It’s on a project level, so if you haven’t selected anything , you’re probably running 3.x.

looks like for the voxel examples, they are reporting a ton of “deprecated” asset calls
that’s what most likely freezing the apps as they are running but are stuck in loops

Looks like there are version 3. I tried version 4 and just get a blank screen and lockup!