Where to start

I have not been able to understand codea, it’s all new for me, even that I had it for a year now, I have been trying to learn it, but it still doesn’t make sense to me. Can you guys give any suggestions on where to start learning codea, or even any coding books (not the long lua book please). Thank you

@sadnessIsIimited Can you give any info on what you have learned so far. Is there something in particular that you don’t understand. Learning to program needs to be done in small steps. You write a very simple program and you try to understand each line. Once you do that, you make a simple change to see what happens and you try to understand why. You’ll start off slow, but eventually as you understand more, things will get easier. Let me know what you know so far.

@sadnessIsIimited - have worked through all the examples, they are designed to introduce you to Codea features in small easily digestible packages?

Also if you go through the Wiki section, link at top of forum page, there are many ebooks, code snippets and contributed code to help new starters.

Finally look up CoolCodea and visit Ignatz’s web page which takes you through many projects and provides excellent code, with explanations.

All I know is what the functions do, how to set the background color, add sprites, make button to change the draw function, and a bit of other, but less of importants. Thx for the suggestions Bri_G and dave1707, I will look into everything Bri_G suggested.